How do you graphic?


So, I’ve got a dilemma.

I want a new book cover for my book.

But I don’t know what I want on it.

As an amateur cover designer myself, I know just how much designers hate half-assed forms, so I haven’t requested.

I can’t make the cover myself because I don’t know what to put on it.

So… any ideas on what I should do?


Well, if you’re struggling with ideas, finding inspo and good pictures is always useful.
Well, I also work with few ideas, but please don’t tell other designers!


But like the cover should fit the novel.

I struggle with symbols.

Like my novel is so… “out there”

It’s hard.


Oh… Providing with a short summary also helps designers.


Ha. Short summary?

It’s an 80k novel.


I mean, a sort of blurb


Hm… I have a blurb.

I don’t like people covers.

I guess that’s why it’s hard.


Oh… okay…


My current cover is of a hand covered with blood. lol.


Honestly, I just put a picture, the title, a subtitle, and my name. My covers look awful, though.


as a cover maker, I understand the struggles. And it’s a hard dilemma to solve. depending on the genere you might want to consider some different things. but here are some stuff you could think about that might help

  • compare it with things that exist. that can be in terms of: how it would look or feel if it was a movie. similar themes.
  • Symbols can be things that are in the book, like items or imagery. or symbols that society uses that aren’t in the book like how apples are the forbidden fruit.
  • what time period it takes place. you can use imagry or typefaces from associated with it. or try to design it to look like it’d sit in a bookshelf of that time period?
  • Aesthetics help a lot in non people based covers. and picking aesthetics that go with your story, not necessarily the genere

Most authors I believe, talk to cover designers and have many variations for their book before they pick one.


@Panoramic r.i.p.

@letterbyowl Let’s see…

  • I can’t imagine my book as a movie. :joy:
  • Yep. I’ve heard of this one before. I don’t think I have any symbols, though.
  • It takes place in the future, so in a time period that doesn’t exist yet.
  • Blood is literally the only aesthetic I can think of.

Hm… I like the image used in my current cover but the typography sucks.

Do you think designers would be okay with me asking them to use the same picture but to make a better version of my lame ass cover attempt? I feel like that’s asking too specific of a request.


Typography is one of the harder parts of designing lol. I personally dont think that would matter too much; especially if its just an image they found online (if its like something specifically made, its a little different).

When I made covers sometimes I would use images that people gave me (if they were in a good resolution)


@lumi what genre is your book? Maybe post a blurb so that we can get an idea about it?

Usually for fantasy covers, people prefer to use a certain defining object for the cover. Something your book is based around or something which is a very distinctive feature of the MC.

For teen fic etc people go for manip covers with doodley styles and with the main characters on it.

Edit: yeah, I believe a ton of designers would be okay with it. Designers like forms which are specific but not too much. Providing a picture helps the designer a lot so I believe a lot of them would be on board with that.


@letterbyowl True. It’s even harder when you have no strong ideas for a good cover. :joy:

Ah, okay. I’ll note this down as an option.

Legit just tailoring a form to “make a better version of my cover with the same image” lol.

@addy I legit just wrote up the blurb the other week, but here it is:

Sheltered by close friends and family, Faith has led a peaceful life. Her only worries are adjusting to high school and passing her classes.

One day, that all changes when she finds out she wasn’t born a human like the rest; she’s forced to transfer schools because of who she is. Different. An artificial human.

The change does more than just transform her life; it transforms this timid girl into a member of a violent hate group out for blood all because of a promise for freedom.

But when an ex-member tries to raise doubt about the group’s intentions, Faith must decide who to trust. If she makes the wrong choice, she could pay the ultimate price.

It’s a science-fiction novel, but it’s not too heavy on the science, so it feels like a teen fic.

My MC likes to run from all her problems. That’s her main defining thing. :laughing:

But if I give just the image, that’s giving them only one idea to work with. //shrug


Maybe it’s just this novel that’s an issue.

I kid you not but I’ve made at least a dozen graphics for it over the past 3 years.


Another option is to just finish the novel and do a cover contest.

But that would take ages.


covers are hard


@Lumi honestly, when I don’t know what images to use for my covers, I just use typographic covers

edit: i think i actually just made a variation on someones cover before; cause they liked the concept of their original one, but wanted an update/newer one


@lumi Look around for inspo maybe. Mayra’s inspo Pinterest This is mayra’s Pinterest and it has tons of good graphics by different designers. You could see if you like a style or if you get some idea.

Plus as @letterbyowl said, when in doubt, typography works best.
You could maybe have something on the bottom of the cover, a girl running or just any scene that you can envision from you novel. The title could be in a block font like bebas neue and in the centre with maybe blood dripping if that doesn’t make the cover too busy. The cover could have a colouring on it depending on the vibe you imagine for the book. I feel brown could be a good vibe.

Another idea could be if the protagonist has a locket or some object of great value
to her or maybe something which destroys her like kryptonite is to superman, you could have that instead of the above thing.

These are just ideas from my understanding of your blurb.