How Do You Guys Go About Writing In A New Genre?


I normally write in the genre of fantasy, but recently I decided to expand my horizons and work on a Sci-Fi story. I’ve never written in this genre so I am quite out of my element, meaning that any advice you can give me would be greatly appriciated! Thank you for reading ^-^


If I want to jump into writing another genre, I usually try to read in that genre, too. It’s usually obvious when a writer is forcing their writing, so familiarizing yourself with the genre can be extremely helpful!


Best of luck! Only advice I can give is that you need more logic, since science fiction has no magic like fantasy does.


Thank you! I try to read as much as I can anyway, but I’m sure that more preparation won’t help.

I will probably need the luck tbh…
I do have an advantage with this genre as I am a student studying Computing which does give me a little more insight into how computers actually work which I’m sure will be helpful(?)


Wether it is helpful or not depends on your story idea, really. I had a sci-fi idea too recently but I may never write it. It was too big and I need to cut off some aspects of it, but Idk which ones.


READING that writing is how I start writing that writing…:lonelywriter:


I usually just dive in. I write mostly fantasy too but occasionally I get ideas that branch out. I have one that has some scifi elements, 2 contemporary romances, and one paranormal. The contemporary romances are the ones that really trip me up since I, as a person, wouldn’t know romance if it hit me on the nose and said “hi, I’m a romantic gesutre.” I also don’t like reading straight up romance so for me just writing it and hoping I don’t screw it up too much is the best idea.

The way I see it is the first draft can be your playground. If you screw something up, research it for the next draft and work to fix it in any future drafts.


For me, having written various types of Speculative Fiction, I don’t think the writing process is that different. But, I think there may be differences in the type (if not amount or method) of research done to formulate the ideas for the story. Also, although I am not published, I imagine there could be some difference in how one markets a work, when going from one genre to another.

But, for me, it’s mostly that my topics of research may differ.

And, on some level, the choice of POV character or narrator may differ but that’s not a rule necessarily or even directly related to genre. In any type of Speculative genre there’s the option to have the less informed POV character and have someone other character provide exposition for the speculative or detailed things, or to have the POV character be the knowledgeable one and just show through them and what they notice and understand what’s going on. But, that could be more related to target demographic – is it Fantasy or Science Fiction for YA or Adult? For a mainstream or genre savvy? Is there a need to have an audience surrogate that is more or less familiar with the fantastic or speculative elements?


Thank you for the questions, they really help me to put my idea into perspective. I do think that I will have to research more for this one (but that’s the best part, really) and that there will be other areas that I will need to put more thought into. I really appreciate the help ^-^


Id say read a bunch, dont be afraid to test things out, and hang with the community, lol


I jump from genre to genre every so often. I’ve written romance (new adult) to teen fiction and now I’m writing a thriller (new adult/young adult).

My advice is to familiarize yourself with the genre. So for you, read sci-fi novels, watch movies and or shows from that genre, and it may also help to find those kinds of stories that are similar to your own. As you read and watch it, you can learn from it. :slight_smile:


I think that the overlap for me will be the world building aspect. I really enjoy fleshing out the universe, and it is quite similar to doing this in fantasy. The only difference is that I will need more scientific evidence for why it would work, but I really enjoy learning about that kind of thing so researching that would be pretty easy.

Thank you so much for the advice! ^-^


I genuinely do write for amusement (especially building worlds and characters) so I think that the research will be enjoyable for me which will help me to actually care about the plot of this story (other stories I’ve started had little to no planning, and I would accidentally switch genres because I was more comfortable in fantasy)

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it XD


True, they’re similar in many ways. :slight_smile:

Also, the scientific evidence doesn’t have to be true or realistic in a way. In fact, you may even get away with no explanations and use the whole “society is advanced”? :wink:

No problem! Good luck!

  1. Gets idea in new genre

  2. Writes book

LOL But in all seriousness, you’re not making a huge leap. I’m a sci-fi writer. Unless you’re wanting to try your hand at very hard sci-fi, we usually just make a bunch of stuff up and call it science. Science fiction and fantasy have very similar undertones and methods. The difference is sci-fi needs to be more realistic in that the ideas work in tandem with what we know to be concrete (things dropped in a place with gravity must go down); respected theories (anti-gravity is a possibility with the right technology); or have a great explanation as to why something breaks these rules (aliens come in and, with their mysterious, advanced technology, rip the gravity right from under our feet to take over the planet!).