how do you handle combat? feel free to share a scene or two!


I see. I’d thought the griffins simply flew too high for those, since ballistas usually shoot about 500 ft and birds avg around the same height… interestedly starts looking up stuff The rider would be able to fly up to 12,500 feet without a pressurized cabin, and mallard ducks have been found at 21,000 ft height.

…Yup, I’ll stick with forbidding flight. My world would have too much trouble dealing with this. They’d be faaaaaar out of my magic ranges too.


the ballistas have plot device bolts, which means they can shoot a griffin out of the sky wherever for the sake of making the battle cooler lmfao


For me this is called:

The elemental gods won’t deal with your world breaking creativity of magic usage as they don’t like being used… so they stop the spell and hurt you.

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While fight scenes are my one true love, i won’t be that engaged if the build-up isn’t hype! I like your take on that.


the ol’ divine intervention, that’s quite an interesting little thing. the last time the gods intervened in the world they literally destroyed everyone bc they brought magic in and created time just to restart purely out of spite, but they removed themselves from the world for the most part so they can’t do that anymore


Awawawa chaos gods x} Still, for the most part means that they’re still sneakily trying to influence stuff. Divine conflict… yay!

These are more like shinto like divinity. The lakes, the trees, the fires, the winds, all of these have spirits in them which are called elemental gods/spirits. They’re usually just sleeping soundly, but the way they use magic in this world is by contracts with faeries that simply violently use these elemental gods. As an act of spite the gods kill the magic users whose mana they get access to.

I use this and mana as my magic limiters.


ooh, that’s a cool way of introducing gods and whatnot, i like your magic limit as well

my magic limit is a bit brutal, if you use more magic than your mind can physically handle, your brain does something at complete random which can range from a slight headache to permanent mental illness, disabilities, paralysis, or just literal instant death, very bad and very permanent things





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Not all in the same story haha

But yes. I’ve tried writing just one before, it never lasts long


In The White Rider, the main weapon is the sword, but I also have the dragon riders using lances. There’s also an enemy rider who has special boots which allow him to stand on any dragon, even those that aren’t his own. This is for hand to hand combat.

Said rider also uses a bow and arrows.

The main weapon is the sword, but I have other options for the riders in the story.


lmao i see, very cool. guns.

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i always wondered how dragon knights expect to hit anything with a sword, a bow sounds very practical. unless your dragons are small enough where people can hit each other with swords


nods The ‘mana’ limiter with side effects. Is there magic types you do not allow? Such as for example me not allowing flight magic or magic like avra cadavra?

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magic is essentially a big ball of play-doh. once you’ve got it, you can do whatever you’re able to will it to do with enough training, anything goes. but you have the natural mental limit and once you go over that you’re in trouble

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It’s why later fights are always better than early fights. People get excited at my most recent fight not because naga-summoning power is cool, nor is an axe-wielding brute. It’s because this overprotective axe-wielding papa is up against the very person who beats up his beloved adopted daughter, tears off an arm of hers, and leaves her for dead so that she can learn how pathetic a slum dweller is. Him beating the crap out of this naga summoner is a sight to watch, erm, read.


The sword is mostly used in rider duels on the ground, while the lance and bow are primary in combat in the air.

Though my MC does have magical powers, including the ability to shift into a dragon which is unique to her character in the kingdom.

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i see, that makes more sense. very cool!

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As i already mentioned i love fight scenes. My fights sense use flashy magic as well as various combat style such as swordplay, archery, firearms, axes, etc. Magic is a big part of my world so even everyone uses. The most basic skill is the mana exoskeleton which increases one’s physical attributes depending on ones skill with mana and physical training.

A high tier officer knight would need a suite with a mana core to give them the enhanced attributes since their lifeforce is just higher than a non-combatant and their mana output is low. They are just foot soldiers.

A high tier master knight can use the mana exoskeleton for over an hour depending on the variables. They punch with more force than a rocket, move nearly light speed, and are durable enough to tank multiple explosions from bombs. A high tier master knight can learn two crafts, one that thier family has an affinity for and another they pick up through training and studies. Crafts are things like elements, transformations, summonings, etc.

My book starts off with a fight scene just because its more interesting to show my magic system. The first fight scene that has the most weight is when one of my MCs faces off against one of my big bads. The MC is greatly outmatched and gets his throat slit.

I have battles where characters lose arms but that’s about it in book one. The technology allows one to regrow lost limbs in a day but it won’t be fully functional for another.

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:F yeeeeeeesssss