how do you handle combat? feel free to share a scene or two!


sounds very big and flashy, very cool!

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I like guns.

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So do my characters, apparently.

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finally got this fight scene done

who would’ve thought fighting an immortal soldier who just came back from the dead would be so hard to kill


Guns are cool.

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Well shyt. That’s brutal. Id imagine readers would be hyped for that.

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I see, so a loose kind of magic system.

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yeah, it lets me make unique characters with their own unique type of magic which compliments their character/fighting style which is always fun


I prefer hard magic systems of soft ones. Soft systems scream dues ex machina. Lol


You’re joking right :joy:

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yeah magic in my world isn’t used very much, even after the elves popularize magic because it’s such a dangerous thing, basically a risk vs reward

and it’s amplified by emotions which gives me the old trope excuse of doing a huge spell at just the right time bc im a sucker for some tropes

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I like that emotion is power trope but if its used to much then it becomes tired and annoying.

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it’s not, because amplified magic means more magic than you can handle, which means a mental break which could kill them, which loops back into not wanting to use magic since it’s so incredibly dangerous lmao

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In my world lifeforce is made of negative energy (hate, greed, vengeance, pride, etc) and positive energy (hope, love, kindness, understanding, etc). One uses their own life force to make mana. Lifeforce will react to why the user is using mana. If one constantly uses mana for vengeance or if greed outweighs all other positive emotions then one will tap into dark mana. Dark mana amps skills but also drives one insane. Constant use of dark mana will turn the body into a mutated monster while the consciousness is trapped inside a dark void dubbed “the Fallen Place”. One can escape the Fallen Place amd earn a large boost in lifeforce. Oh if one runs out of life force they burst into flames and die.

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This sounds like my cup tea!

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ooh i like this a lot, that’s really interesting

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Thanks! I didn’t leave out those selfless heroes either. Those who use mana to protect and serve have a fast rate of growth depending on their bloodline. They can quickly learn new skills and train their lifeforce to increase.

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Anyone wanna post a scene? I might post one later.

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i can post one from the thing i just wrote if you’d like


Yes yes!