how do you handle combat? feel free to share a scene or two!


Loth’s heart beat a thousand times a minute as he dismounted. He tried desperately to hide the shaking of his hand as he marched onto the battlefield, facing the undead soldier. The soldier raised his shield, peering over at Loth with his black eyes, holding his sword over the rim. Loth drew his longsword, bending his knees with the pommel just above his shoulder, pointing the tip of the blade towards his enemy.

The two circled one another, watching their footwork and stance carefully. Loth’s hands trembled slightly, his rusted sword shaking somewhat. The undead walked calmly, slowly closing the gap between them. He lunged forward in a harsh thrust that Loth quickly deflected, punishing him with a thrust of his own, stabbing into the soldier’s torso.

Black blood dripped out of the man’s shoulder, though not stopping his advance as he reeled back a diagonal slash from below. Loth twirled on his heel out of striking range, coming back with a cut across the neck. The tip of his blade dipped into blackened blood as it cut a thin line across the undead’s throat.

The soldier staggered back a few steps, a wide grin crossing his face as blood dripped down his surcoat. He pounded his arming sword against his shield once more, retaking his position as he raised his shield. Loth held his breath, bending his knees and taking the ox position once more.

Loth took the offensive, closing the gap by leaping off his back heel, throwing a thrust to his chest. The soldier caught the blade in his wooden shield, throwing Loth forward a few steps. The undead swung forward suddenly, cracking Loth in the forehead with the metal dome of his shield. He followed through, thrusting hard at his abdomen.

Reacting quickly, Loth attempted to dodge to the side, getting caught by the blade’s edge. It dug into his abdomen with a burning pain as the blood turned black. He fell to the floor at the soldier’s side. Before the soldier could act, he wrapped his longsword around the back of the soldier’s knees, slicing across with a satisfying sing of steel. As the soldier stumbled, Loth stood with a twirl, chopping downwards at his sword hand. Feeling a resistance, Loth cut clean down, severing the soldier’s hand from his body.

Following through with another twirl and a cry of effort, Loth chopped hard directly at the man’s face, the weight of his blade throwing the soldier to the floor. The cut exposed part of his jaw as it cut through from his temple down to his chin. Loth let out a labored breath as he lowered his blade.

“May you rest in peace this time.” he sighed.


Well, I have a character with a glove they can pull a wire from to garrote peeps with. He spends an entire chapter taking down a big ole Ogre in a coliseum, all while the personnel are deliberately trying to sabotage him from the sidelines with sleeping darts. XD

So yes, I like my combat to be exotic and flashy, ~

Unless there’s some drama between the characters fighting, which I’ll duly focus on more. Like a fist fight with a lot of tension and backstory behind it…


exotic and flashy is always great


Nice description. It looks so cool in my head.

Lmao well damn. That’s kinda gruesome. Well done!

I enjoyed the read. It flowed well but there was one part i had trouble envisioning. I think i saw it how you did though so no worries. Nice use of stances. I didn’t know it was called the ox stance. I’ve always like it though.

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Yeah a lot of fantasy lover like flashy


i think i get a bit too technical in my combat descriptions so it’s no worries haha, i’m glad you enjoyed though

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Some people like it simple but i think this scene is well made. Its not really difficult to follow.

Any inspiration?

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if you’ve played dark souls 3, there’s a boss fight that’s kind of similar called the abyss watchers. it’s these guys who basically are trained to prevent this thing called the abyss from entering the world by destroying it wherever it’s seen

and in doing that they exposed themselves to the abyss and became the thing they were meant to destroy, so they involuntarily keep fighting each other endlessly. they’re immortal due to the abyss so they just keep getting back up

that was probably my biggest inspiration

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I’ve never played dark souls but I’ve heard about it. I draw inspo from games too.

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most of my inspiration comes from music, because if it comes from games usually i find myself flying too close to the sun and almost copying it haha, but in this case i think i made it different enough to be my own thing


Music? Do u mean you listen to music and dream up fight scenes? Cause i do that all the time!

Also i don’t use games for fight scenes. I use it for my world building. I agree with the getting too close ro copying thing.


ahaha yeah it’s almost a curse, i do that compulsively with anything that would even remotely work as a fight song

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Same! I started doing it without music but it just felt so right with it that its every single day lol.

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A big part of my battles are close because my MC doesn’t have a lot of offensive spells, so he ends up forcing the battles to become hand to hand


Does he have any hand to hand training?


The daylight sky above seems to glitter red with sparks and flames that burst violently at the twisting and turning winds ripping at our bodies.

“Boulders incoming!” I hear screamed from the scouts that keep an eye on the enemy magicians in the back. Only wind magic let’s him get the warning through the air.

“Secure the shields!” I bellow out among the sound of screams of both people and steel, as the enemy’s weapons batter our shields without rest with battle hammers and maces.

As the last enemy clears away, the enormous tower shields are bashed into the ground with force enough to make the pebbles jump, and supportive earthen walls are raised underneath to keep us from being crushed by the incoming aerial horrors.

An eerie silence descends on us now where the enemy soldiers are gone… and with it, the sounds of our breaths and hearts become the only sound left on the battlefield… the sudden silence after the flood of noise puts you on edge… it… it is the tense state of waiting for something to happen without being able to do anything other than hope for the best…

“Double check your shields!” I yell out in the dreadful silence, hoping to shake anyone overwhelmed by fear out of it and peer to the older scruffy man next to me. Rover. His steely brown eyes gaze down into the ground. He is clutching his sword tight enough to turn his knuckles white, but doesn’t budge an inch though I can see him tremble. He has a daughter waiting for him in a village only a couple of miles from here. He cannot afford to fall.

I grit my teeth and focus. If I appear afraid the men around me will sense it immediately. We must keep this line. We’re the first and last line of defense, if we don’t hold out then the kingdom falls.

Niles behind me lets out a forced breath to calm down, but even I can tell his breath is ragged from fear.


The sound of our warning horns blast loudly.

The arrival of the boulders is heard before felt, as the air whines and screeches from the masses being flung at us without a hint of mercy… a sound compared to the scream of wailing ghosts, and it sends a chill down my spine to remember the view of those who got crushed in the past. The last thought I have is ‘wherever it hits, be safe’.

Then it hits us like lightning.

The earth quakes violently under our feet as the first man-sized boulder smashes into the ground with a deafening impact. The dust and pebbles fly into the air and turns everything into a shaking, dusty fog, but even then I can still see the trails of boulders whirling through the dust and down onto the shields of my men, and I can only pray that they still stand when the dust falls.

This is the best response we found after having tried to redirect the boulders multiple times, only to have the boulders explode above us and hit us anyway. Furthermore, we use the boulders for defense once they’ve landed, but till then, we defend. The Headal commanders know this, but they don’t care about giving us a height or material advantage… they aim to exhaust us physically and mentally. They aim to drive us mad with the sound, and the fear that if we mess up we die. There is no coming back from being crushed by boulders larger than a man.

The last crash sounds together with the voice of our scout.

“Boulders exhausted! Enemies incoming!”

I get up in an instant and pull the tower shield with me. My legs are still weak from the trembling ground, but we have no time to rest.

“Rise! Prepare for impact!”


It’s not as action focused =)


Yes, his moveset is based on Taekwondo, being that an art i practice some time ago, one of his weapons is also a pair of gauntlets and boots that absorb the magic of the enemy when they hit

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you have excellent descriptions

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Thank you =) I’m not as good with the technical fights as you so I end up trying to focus more on the overall picture of it and their emotions, which slow it down.


i need to do more of that haha, technicality is all well and good but i feel like people don’t get into it as much without that kind of description

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