How Do You Know You're Doing Well?

Hello, Wattpadders! I’m new to WP and joined a couple weeks ago. I was wondering for us newbies, how do you know you’re doing well on here? How many reads and votes would you consider good after, say, a week of posting a story? I’ve done a lot of the recommendations others have shared to be successful here, so I’m hoping it’ll take off. But I know it takes quite a while! I’m also working on reading others and getting out there.


Base it on making genuine friendships here on Wattpad. It is very hard to get your book seen but making friends can help you get there.

I had the same question when I hit 130k reads. I learned there are very few people that hit 1k reads so if you are above that, I would say you are doing quite well. For votes I like to see 100 per 1k reads.

As far as follows that depends on how many people you follow and how many are genuine readers. A high number of follows makes your profile more attractive to readers and there should be a gap between your followers and how many people you follow. I have almost 1k followers and I follow around 120. Followers are great because they help your work to be seen.


Thanks Grace. :slight_smile: I appreciate it. I can’t imagine having 1K reads, let alone 130K! WTG. That’s impressive. How long did that take you? I just put up my first few chapters three days ago. I have 91 reads and 26 votes. Not sure if that’s good, but I’m trying to focus on the positive. And I’ve already “met” a few awesome writers. I like posting on these forums as well.


I would say it took me from November or so until April. I think a person with clout somehow found my story because I did no promoting. My oldest book was uploaded around like October, maybe? I can’t remember but my experience was unusual. I did everything completely the opposite of what they say to do.

I would say brand yourself on Wattpad and these forums. Create a nice profile picture or logo like I did then add a nice banner. Participate in contests and awards, book clubs and these forums.

Reads can be confusing because your own count. Update on a regular basis, follow writers with good numbers and comment on their books. Put your Wattpad profile link on your profile here and add your story to the “share your story” threads here In the forums.


I agree with what they said. 1k reads is a very good number, but it’s not very reachable in a few days if you don’t already have a platform. You’re doing well at the number you’re at. Stick to consistent updates, be active on the forums, join book clubs and writing awards, apply to reading lists run by wattpad official accounts, and most importantly, learn how to improve your writing. Though the quality of writing hasn’t always been the most rational with the number of reads on wattpad, your book will always seem more attractive than before if it simply reads better.

Don’t measure the worth of your writing by reads, though. Wattpad has its favorite genres. You write romance, teen fiction, or fanfics? Then you have a better chance of getting reads than if you write any other genre. (I’m not saying that to be bitter, I actually write romance suspense, but there’s a wider audience for that on here than any where else). What I’m trying to get at by this is that if you don’t think you’re where you want to be with reads, it could be due to something out of your control, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

And yes! Brand yourself. Before you reply to this, change that defult egg icon and get yourself an image that represents you.


At just a week or two you are lucky to have 50 reads, seriously. You are above that so good job!


Oh believe me, if you break your back over promoting it enough 1K is very possible (and there was a time I thought it wasn’t either). I just hit it yesterday after maybe 2 months of putting this book up with a lot of help from @gracemadden1234’s Wattpad’s Undiscovered collection book where I found my priceless readers. That and by reading and leaving genuine comments on other books in the same genre. Some of them will return the favor and read yours too and it’s a lot more genuine and long lasting than read for read relationships. It is a full time job, I’m not going to lie, but I’m here to offer myself a way to make this a full time job so you gotta do what needs to be done, right? Good luck. :+1:


Awe thanks! I need to do an update on that book, thanks for the reminder.

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You’ve gotten a lot of good advice already. Since Wattpad is all about being a community, it is indeed a very good idea to make friends with other writers, read each other’s books and support each other. It’s also a good idea to read books that are similar to yours and if you leave honest comments, not just things like “great start”, “good opener”, then the authors might be inclined to check out yours too. Book-clubs and contests are also a nice way of getting more exposure. You can also check out the Wattpad genre pages, which frequently offer contests and are a good way to engage with fellow writers.

In general it’s basically impossible to say, when is the moment you are doing well on Wattpad. You just go from milestone to milestone, but since there are always others with much more reads, one has to be careful not to get caught up in an unhealthy race.

I have been here since October 2017 and my first story has now 47k reads. I would have never thought that possible when I started, but then there are authors with 500k and 1M reads, which makes my numbers seem insignificant. So what I mean to say is, don’t compare yourself to others. Do what you enjoy, keep writing, engage with your readers, update regularly and of course make sure that your writing is at its best. Then you should be good to go :smiley:

I hope you have a good time here on Wattpad :heart:


The other advice you’ve already been given is excellent, I can only repeat what they’ve said. I’ve been on wp for over four years and it took most of that time to get 1k followers. Books that get millions of reads tend to be very lucky. There’s no magic answer as to why there is such vast differences between noticed and unnotoced books, it’s definitely not down to quality. Which is why it’s very very important not to equate read counta with success here on wattpad. And remember that popularity doesn’t always equal quality and vice versa. Making friends and imprpvong your wrotong ia the most beneficial way to gain from wattpad rather than looking at follower counts. One of my books haa over 200k reads (because it was featured) but my latest book has only 100 and it’s been updated for 3 weeks now.

One way to get your stories noticed more is by submiting them to profile campaigns and entering contests. Use the search function to look for prpfiles that suit your work, such as wattvampires, fantasci, projectbadboy, womanup, wattfairytale, wattzombies, short story, romance etc etc. Instructions for how to submit are on each profile and you can find more profiles by checking out who they follow. There are also annual contests held by earnestywrites, wearewriters and other profiles.

Make your profile page personal, get a personal avatar rather than that egg, and good luck!


Honestly sometimes it’s hard to tell if your story is doing super well since a lot of reads doesn’t always equal into an amazing, well written story. A story could be well-liked by a lot of people but have very little reads. I know as of now, I just published my story yesterday and I have three reads. I don’t have a lot of readers so I would say my story isn’t doing well yet but as a writer, I’m happy to get my work out there, published. Because of how I am, I don’t like engaging in read 4 read posts much and self-promotion makes me feel really bad inside, for some reason. Not saying it’s bad to self-promote, it’s good, it just makes me feel woozy and for the very few times I did it, I would blur out my story :see_no_evil: But, it’s a good way to get your story out there however don’t be over-excessive. Also, the thing is I go by the motto: “You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” - Junot Diaz :heart: (this can apply to anyone, regardless of your gender, I just kept the quote the way it was written). I think that the best thing to do on Wattpad is to have fun. I’m going to be honest here and say not everyone becomes a big author, sometimes hidden gems stay hidden, so I’d recommend enjoying your experience and just have fun. Write because you love it. Write because you know that even if there is little hope, even if it looks like you story is not getting a lot of reads, just stay passionate about writing and love it, so don’t ever stop and don’t ever give up. Another thing is that it helps having a small group of friends/people who are supporting you. Having a support system, no matter how small, will make you feel like a Champion Writer who can take on anything.


If you’re writing and growing you’re doing good.

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Realistically, if you have more than five reads that aren’t your own, you’re doing well.

By the time I finished my first Wattpad book, I think I had three to five readers and a couple of dozen votes. By the end of the first year, I had a thousand reads and probably half of them were mine. It took me that long to figure out how to properly utilize all the site has to offer. It was about a year and a half before my first book started to take off.

I remember being crazy happy when I got four followers.

Being social in threads definitely helped. Once I gained my bearings there, I did begin to get more readers. And when I wrote my guide book, while it competed with my novel, it did give me the followers that I think got my current book noticed.

I published four books and completed three in my first two years (the only one still up is my guide book), and I think having completed books did make a huge difference.

With each book you start and finish, it increases your reputation and following for the next, so long as you continue to promote consistently. Promoting yourself and your book (in a way that’s allowed and isn’t ‘in your face’) is what gets you and your book seen. If you aren’t noticed, your book just disappears into the masses.

But the title, cover and blurb definitely have to pull their own weight to get people to click that ‘read’ button and the first chapter does have to make them want to read more.


Hey welcome. I am relatively new myself but I just think if our stories are out there, that’s pretty cool. I don’t have a lot of reads but I’m not really competing. I am learning as you are about the community on wattpad and in fact, this is my first community post. I hope your time here is enjoyable.


You all are fantastic! Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: Luckily, I’ve been doing most of the suggestions. I love the forums. I joined a book club (although nothing’s happened yet). I’ve posted on the genre thread, etc. I did change my pic on WP but can’t seem to figure out how to change the damn egg on the forums! LOL I’ll figure it out today.

I find all of this very exciting, especially since I’ve been trying to get published traditionally on and off the last three years. I do worry I won’t be able to keep this WP pace once I go back to work in a month (I’m a teacher). I think my participation will plummet. :confused: But I’m giving it my all in the meantime.

Thanks again everyone!


I am glad I’m not the only one!:sweat_smile::joy:


God! You are doing great I’m not even at a hundred

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Your patience may eventually pay up better than you expect.

I finally had to search on how to do this! Not easy at all. LOL Who would think to log out and back in? No wonder I never could figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue: Now it’s changed to my other profile pic.


Yayyy! And yeah, that’s annoying :joy: but now you’re set