How do you name alien species?

I have an idea for an alien spieces. They are shapeshifters. So they aren’t male or female. They generally look more feminine. For the spieces can both reproduce and give birth. This is due to their shapeshifting.
So far I had mixed up words from Japanese and Latin

Josei=Female(In Japanese)

Dansei=Male(In japanese)

virilis(male in latin)
foemina (female in latin)

(The combination of both Latin and Japanese)





I like it!

Cool idea, for both the species themselves and how you came up with their name. Any particular reason you choose Japanese and Latin though?

I thought know they came up quickly. I wanted some diversity. Since Latin and Japanese are different from each other. That and I often like playing with two different languages to make them unique.

Which one combination do you guys like?

Now if they are mixed with another alien species I might just had it at the end. This is due to they DNA being stronger.

I like Jodavi best for a alien species name :slight_smile:

Their skeletons are flexible and they can control and grow new bones if they are shapeshifting.

I was thinking they have marks are parts of their body but not sure what they should be for

The marks were suppose to absorb engery around them and they can use it to creat blast and other things

I like Jodasei and Jodavi, they both have a nice ring to them.

I’m not super into sci-fi so I don’t really write it, but I wrote a short story a while ago and named my alien species (which is mostly human-like with a few unique features) Ceruleans because their blood is blue. The story mentions though that that is only the name humans have given them, they call themselves differently in their own language but since the MC of the story dosn’t speak it and it’s only a short story, it’s not mentioned.

I usually do a good old “fantasy name generator” and then go from there. If I find something that I kind of like, I usually just tweak it until I like it. Honestly? I spend a lot of time trying to say them out loud and if I like the way it rolls off my tongue then it usually makes it to the next round of “cuts”.