How Do You Not Care?

I find myself in an odd position.

It’s become pretty obvious at this point that I’m not going to become popular on WattPad. There are good and bad reasons for this, but it’s also simply my reality.

This f**ks with me, more than it should, because it doesn’t really matter. But I have a neural pathway or something that misfired in my brain, and I’m hardwired to attach my own personal value to the results I produce and/or numbers I produce.

Which is really stupid.

I’m not really looking for advice on how to make it on WattPad. I don’t think I have the skill(?..this is difficult for me to admit because I’ve seen some really damned bad crap get 1M+ views…), nor am I in the right demographic (not writing teen romance, unattractive, bad at social media, etc.).

Most of the advice I see and have gotten goes something along the lines of: Well just don’t think about the numbers, just write what you love!!1!

I’m a lot closer to this than I was before, honestly. I only write what I care about. I’m unwilling to compromise on that. If I don’t care about the story, there’s no sense in writing it. But it’s that first part I still have difficulty with.

So, my question is this: People who have low readership and genuinely do not care about it, how do you do it?

Side Note: To anyone who glances at my profile and sees that I have almost 1,700 Followers, PLEASE note that I’d say at least 1,500 of them have abandoned me. That count is NOT accurate, most of them are leftover from when I got popular once in 2013.

For me, my audience is the only thing that really matters. If I have three readers who love my work (comment, vote, interact with me regularly and genuinely want to know how I’m doing), than that’s fine by me. I’d totally prefer that compared to 100k silent readers.

That said, (to your note about not being in the demographic/skill) there are still plenty of ways to get a huge reader count who actually care about you, no matter the genre. You just have to find those people (network, network, network!) and be there for the audience.

Hope that helped?


I just remember I’m writing for myself and no one else. Sure, it’s nice to get reads and votes once in a while, but at the end of the day, it’s how I feel that matters. :slight_smile: You should have seen me when I first started. I was looking for something new and found this awesome website! My first book was fanfiction based off of a t.v. show. I only wrote it because I didn’t like the ending of it and what do you know? it became popular within a few years. :slight_smile: So don’t write in the hopes that you want votes and readers. Do what makes you genuinely happy! :smiley:



I still think that book is as cringy as hell though! shudders I’m much better at writing now than I was five years ago though. :smiley:

I have to agree with this. When I came onto WP, I decided to set my goals straight on what I wanted to do on this platform. I came on here to specifically get better at my writing and not really to get popular. People who want to get popular see writing as more of a chore than actually something that you enjoy and to me, it’s better to not write if you see writing like that.

So my advice: Ask yourself what are you using WP for. Because if your answer isn’t to enjoy writing or possibly sharpen your skills, then you honestly shouldn’t be writing. And that’s a fact.


This is certainly true. The people who have found me and decided I was worth reading and sticking around for are one of the few genuine sparks of greatness that have resulted from my continued use of WattPad. I definitely appreciate them, and in a way, I do write for them. I also admittedly wish there were more of them, or they were more vocal. I can’t seem to get people to talk to me, even my fans. I can post updates on my profile and I have a newsletter I update each month on this site and…nothing. Literally nothing. No one ever wants to talk to me, and I’d say 1/10 chapters I post gets a single comment nowadays. It’s pretty demoralizing.

This is certain something people tell me again and again. I have had TREMENDOUSLY lengthy debates about this, and at the end of the day, the two things I really have to say about it are 1) I’m both awful at being social/networking and I hate it A LOT. It makes me sick to my stomach almost. That’s how much I hate it. 2) I don’t feel like there should be a direct correlation between how good you are at being popular to how well your work is received. I did not come to be judged as a socialite, I came to be judged as a writer.


I write for myself mostly. It seems that because I have such a passion and really love my stories, people get drawn to them. Well that’s what they told me when I asked :sweat_smile: But it’s taken me 6 years to get this far. Sure, one of my books is way higher than the rest and sometimes it bothers me that no one went to check out the next book, but people will do what people will do. Just becuase someone doesn’t check out your books doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer at all. Maybe you’re just undiscovered

I think a lot of people say this, but most people don’t mean it. It feels like teenagers declaring, “I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF ME!” We all know that 99% of them do care what people think of them, they’re just trying to armor themselves. And for the people for whom this is genuine, I think that’s really lucky if you can actually achieve that. I can’t, because I don’t write for myself, not entirely. What I write about is definitely decided by what I want to write about, but in equal measure, I don’t think there’s a point to writing it if no one’s going to read it, you know?

A work of art is on as valuable as the response it provokes. For some people, the act of creation is enough alone, and again, I kind of envy them. But I lack that.

The problem is that I don’t have direct control over what makes me happy. I write, which makes me happy, but that only goes so far. I need to be read, otherwise, why would I even bother posting it anywhere?

I can understand that point of view though. I’ll be honest with you though. I do genuinely mean what I said. Back then, I wouldn’t have. But I do now. That doesn’t mean I don’t get discouraged when no one posts what I read. What matters is that I push past that feeling and look deep within myself and ask why I’m writing. Does that help a bit?

I also go on the threads around here, meet new people , ask them to tell me about themselves, etc.

I find it very difficult to network at times (I’m a nonverbal - so I often don’t actually talk for days at a time) as I find it so emotionally exhausting and I often can’t verbalise my thoughts in writing - as I am extremely stuck in my own head. To work around this (and get reads - if you’ve checked out my profile you’ll see I opened this new account approximately 7.5 days ago), I find a simple way to reach your audience is to specifically thank them, ask them about something they’re working on (on their profile) or ask them for small favours. The unfortunate message is that you both need to be good at networking and writing to create a large following who actually want to know about you.

Step 1 : Don’t

That is literally all there is to it why put your mind into something so unimportant. Truth is those of us that are considered “Popular” in life on here w.e are just doing what they want to do and other people are admiring it so stop caring write for you and who ever is going to like it will like it this is meant to be fun.

Honestly, I’ve never been that popular here. (I’m young, and I’ve only been on since June.) Honestly, I care more about that one loyal reader that always makes me smile with her comments than reaching 1M votes. And I’ve g motivation; I WANT to write. I’m not doing it for the fans, I’m doing it because it’s my favorite hobby and something I don’t totally suck at. So, to answer your question, I don’t care because I don’t need to, plain and simple.

My problem was I did get discovered. I was struck by lightning in 2013 managed to get a story in what would nowadays be considered the top .1%.

But the discovery didn’t last. Part of it is my fault, and part of it is the ever-shifting nature of the internet. Someone makes something because they’re tired of the way things are. Like-minded people are drawn to it. It gets popular. Suddenly, it’s become the thing it was created to destroy.

WattPad was (probably) created because people wanted a place they could post their stories and actually get noticed in a saturated market.

Then it became the saturated market where it’s next to impossible to get noticed.


I think in a small way it does. One of the things that sucks about having a problem is that sometimes, you already know the answer, but it doesn’t help.

It’s like having a disease and you’ve already been given the cure…but it didn’t cure you. And it’s like…uh, now WTF am I supposed to do?

The answer to my question is: Don’t think about it. Keep going. Push past it.

I do, but it never sticks. Nothing ever STICKS. I want to know how people have managed to permanently push past that.

Permanently? Well, that’s tricky. I think a small part of me is always going to wonder about getting reads or not… Sorry I’m not much help.


That takes guts, definitely.

I don’t do that mainly because I hate the idea of bothering people, and also I hate the idea of asking for help. I’m bad about those two things.

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Maybe try a little optimism. It feels like you’ve given up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So what if you’re not as popular as you were? Doesn’t mean you have to stop because people don’t like your stuff or you feel abandoned by previous followers. :tipping_hand_woman:

I mean, most of the people that follow me don’t look at my stuff. Only a handful of them do :woman_shrugging:

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Oh yes, definitely agree. Sometimes you’ve just got to face your fears head on.