How do you "see" the world? Any strange eyesight issues you never realised were abnormal?



It’s really strange because it’s not quite tunnel vision. The edges of my retinas are flat so that means peripheral vision, caused by the retina’s curve, is impaired. I have realistically about 20% of an average person’s peripheral vision. I’ve learned to live with it. The only thing where it actively annoys me is trying to play team sports


I have visual snow, intermittent nystagmus, and I also have a condition called synesthesia.
For me, I see letters as colors and I also see colors related to sounds. Most strongly with musical instruments.


Synesthesia sounds cool though :heart: Does it affect your writing / giving stories a title?
I friend of mine had it too and she would alter her writing at times to make the colours better fitting to the story theme.


I did choose my pen name, Charlotte Doyle, because I find it pretty. My real last name looks like a muddy mess XD


Well I have better night vision, and sensitive to light. Does that count?


Synaesthesia is sooo fascinating to me. I have several friends who see that way, too, and the way they describe it, it’s just interesting the way our brain processes information.

I have none of the things mentioned in the original post, but I do get migraine auras (without the pain of a migraine, thankfully! So far, anyway)

They happen only once every few months, but it looks like this flashing black and white zigzag that grows into a C-shape and blurs vision. It’s pretty much impossible to read/work/look at anything else at that point, but so weird to watch.

There’s a picture on the Wikipedia page:


I genuinely thought that everyone experienced visual snow up until this moment, one of those things I never questioned for fear of someone laughing! Very interesting.

I also always love how people cannot comprehend that i don’t have perfect vision, being short sighted (like many people), I couldn’t really imagine going to sleep and then being able to wake up and see everything perfectly, that would be very weird ahah


Same here lol.
Hell, even before I realised I needed glasses I didn’t know it was abnormal to not see the trees in the distance. I thought everyone saw stuff blurry if it was far away :sweat_smile: My face when I got my first glasses :’) ~insert music “A whole new wooooooorld”

As for visual snow, I found this sim :smiley:
This comes close to what I see but lacks the trailing I see of moving stuff and also more weird blurs outside of the area I’m focussing on, and random flashes of light.


As annoying as some things can be, they can be pretty indeed :star_struck: glad you don’t get them too often. When you do get them, how long do they last? Do they come in slowly? (So if you were on the road, you could just park and wait it out?)


I have heavy Visual Snow (VS). I’m completely blind with static in the dark and the static in the light is intense. My Photophobia is very intense. Their has been an increase in floaters recently. There are flashing lights in my peripheral vision. I could very well be losing my lights vision so that’s “fun”.


.* tight hug * :disappointed: I hope the increase will stop soon and you won’t end up blind.


~ Who here with VS was born premature and spent time in NICU??

  • Me!
  • Not me.

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They come in slowly enough that if I were on the road, I’d hurry up and get wherever I was going. It’d be a long wait, to wait out the whole thing.

They start as just a dot in the upper corner, way away from the center of my vision, and then over the course of half an hour or an hour they travel and grow into something like the illustration. Then they fade-- I usually try to distract myself by listening to a movie or something and I never notice them leaving.


okay, well, I suppose that’s good (that they aren’t “BAM HELLO, I’LL BE ANNOYING YOU NOW”)


I see snow floaters. The most obvious time is when I stare at the sky.

Another ailment I get happens during my occasional migraines… it’s called a migraine aura. It starts off as a flickering specs in my center of vision and it halos out of my peripherals. Takes about an hour or two to do and I’m temporarily blinded during the process.


Joining the snow crowd :snowflake: It’s not noticeable most of the time, but when I look into a microscope (which I do for my job), I become aware of all the weird little shapes in my eye.


I used to see these weird lights/colors floating around when I was tired (kind of like what you see when you close your eyes too long?). I don’t know if this is a thing, but it eventually went away.
Recently, however, I’ve been really sensitive to light. I couldn’t have my bedroom light on, and instead I had to open the shutters. Not sure why. It’s mostly gone away though, and I think maybe it had something to with me being sick. Not really sure though :sweat_smile:


I have plenty of post operative cellular debris in my half of a working eye’s worth of vision. Sometimes they are so many it seems as if I’m surrounded by a swarm of brown insects.


Wow, I never knew that was a thing .___.
Doctors can’t fix it?


I get floaters and I’ve also recently realised that my sensory processing disorder that causes hypersensitivity also extends to visual hypersensitivity. I’ve always had discomfort in daylight and I squint a lot because everything is far too bright. I’ve literally only realised that this was abnormal in the last month, so I’ve begun wearing sunglasses most days, and its helped a lot.