How do you "see" the world? Any strange eyesight issues you never realised were abnormal?

In theory it may be possible to extract, cleanse, and replace the vitrious humor in my eye, but with every surgical intervention the risk of postoperative complications increases; and I’ve already had many surgeries.

Let’s hope techniques improve over the years and maybe in a decade orso they can fix it without risk of complications :heart:

I think the complication risk will always be there, no matter what improvement there may be in surgical techniques. I’m in my mid-fifties now, so don’t expect any improvements. Instead I hope to retain what vision I have.

Fingers crossed it won’t deteriorate :heart:

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Stargazing for the visually impaired is… different. Shrödinger’s constellations, The Plough, and Orion I can just about make out; stars winking in and out of vision due not just to the atmospheric fluctuations, but also the ruins of my cornea. Here, and then gone, then back; glimpses, and wondering how it is for those with better sight. Ah! There it is; what I came out here into the yard to see. The brightest, fastest moving thing in the firmament; not a flashing plane but the International Space Station, the mundane miracle ignored by many, except we shivering dreamers who can just about remember the optimisim of the early Space Age. May you shine with reflected sunlight and orbit with such unimaginably swift grace for many years to come.

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I see floaters, sparkly bits and ‘visual snow’ (love that term for it - I’d never heard it before!). Another weird thing that I didn’t realise was weird until recently - one of my eyes has a noticeable green tint and the other has a noticeable pink/red tint. I don’t mean the colour of my eyes, but when I look at things. Like, if I looked at a white wall with one eye closed and then the other, the wall would appear to be a different colour depending on the eye. I thought everyone had that. But I also thought everyone had synesthesia, so I think I tend to assume my weird stuff is completely normal :smiley:

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I think the slight change of colour deception has to do with cylinder? At least, I think so because that would explain why they have these test things for colour at the opticien (as it’s not a test for colour blindness)

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I have an extreme astigmatism: things that come toward me look like they’re curving around: so if someone kisses me, I lean in the direction it looks like they’re curving in.

It’s effected relationships sometimes.

What do you when you combine it with demonic posession? Astigmatatism.

I’ve worn glasses for about 15 years, had eye tests every 2 or 3 years, and I never thought to mention the weird colour thing to an optician before :laughing: Next time I get an eye test, I’m going to ask about it!

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I’ve had double vision since birth. I had a weak eye muscle and it caused my eye to go all floppy and just move without my control. So I saw the world in two very fuzzy pictures. But after 11 or so years of training (no surgery), I slowly gained control of the muscle and can now see as perfectly as anyone else.

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I can hear if a TV or computer isn’t turned off all the way because I hear a buzzing noise.

I thought every (young) person can hear that? It’s the power/current. It can be super high pitched and annoying at times with certain chargers :confounded:

There are also these sound machines to keep cats out of yards. I hear those too and to my knowledge most younger folk can too.
Years ago it was even a thing here to get a ringtone for your mobile that was the same high pitch, advertised as useable in class because teachers were supposedly too old to hear it :joy:

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I’m 26 and can still hear it :no_good_woman:

I’m almost 30 and can still hear it :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It goes away for most people after they hit their mid-twenties but not everyone :crazy_face:

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I occasionally have something akin to Visual Snow, not sure if that counts though :joy:

I do have a thing where I can ‘muffle’ my hearing at will, called voluntary control of the tensor tympani - pretty useful in busy places :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, that is pretty handy! :star_struck:

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I had no clue it wasn’t something everyone could do until I mentioned it and got a few strange looks :joy:

The seeing auras around objects sounds interesting - never heard of anyone being able to do it but I wonder what it’d look like

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I have poor (20/200+) distance vision. When I was small, I’d get lost because I couldn’t make out landmarks or read street signs. In school, I learned tricks: push on my eye with a finger to focus or make a pinhole with my fist. Most classrooms had pencil sharpeners up front, so for things on the board I’d go up and sharpen my pencil while memorising the spelling list or whatever.

The vision tests were cursory: the nurse would tack up an eye chart and go down the class list. By the time my name came up, I had it memorised. One way or other, I got by and even got good marks. But I was hopeless at any kind of sport. If you threw a ball to me, it would hit me in the face.

In fifth year, a teacher asked the school nurse to give me an individual eye test and she was shocked. So I went to the eye doc and got spectacles.

When I first put them on outdoors, it seemed like a whole new world: I could see birds and the leaves on trees and waves in the harbour and the blue mountains in the distance. I’ve loved looking at things ever since.

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Yikes! Makes me wonder why you “cheated” on the test :frowning:
When I got my glasses I was stunned that seeing the leaves on the trees was a thing xD it was amazing to actually see :heart: so fully get that sense of awe :heart:
My eyes have grown worse over the years and now I can’t even read my laptop screen without glasses :disappointed: