How do YOU stay confident??



I’m someone who is constantly paralyzed by fear and indecision when it comes to writing. I know it’s a common feeling for us writers… but at this point, it is seriously holding me back from finishing a single project. I used to write for a magazine, and didn’t have any problems turning in articles. But when it comes to creative and narrative writing with my own original characters, I fall apart. What tips and tricks do you guys use to keep yourself confident, or at least secure enough to keep pursing writing?


I usually read other’s works or look for little sparks of inspiration through other art forms (paintings, movies, music, etc.)

Plus I tend to write a lot in the short story genre which really helps to get my creative juices flowing without the stress of having such a big word count. Maybe start with writing something small first to see how you like it and then continue onward.


Go outside and wait until you see a bird. Scream at the bird. Find a leaf. Smell the leaf. Stand in the middle of the street and t-pose in front of an oncoming vehicle. Chug a gallon of water. Throw your phone into your closet and roar. Listen to a song that gets you pumped and threaten your document with death if it doesn’t comply. Find a horrible manuscript of yours from ancient times and laugh at it. Drink five cups of coffee. Drive your car off a cliff. Move to Tibet.

Just kidding, lol.

Uh… I usually just tell myself that I don’t have to be good yet, since I still have a while left in life (hopefully lol) and I can always improve. And then I exhale and I’m ok.


I’m good with ingesting all things book movie and music, so that’s no problem for me lol. And I’ve got plenty of ideas, so many in fact that I’m pretty overwhelmed by several half baked ideas most of the time,and once I focus on one, the other abandoned one rears it’s head. Suddenly the idea I was sure was the best doesn’t seem that appealing, and so I hope on to the next one-- of course only to have the same thing happen.


Haha I love it! XD

I read a lot and think about my story a lot, to try and find plot holes and edit a lot so that I’m really satisfied with my work. Other than that, if you tried your best, don’t worry about other’s opinions too much. Take feedback or criticism in stride and humbly, but with a grain of salt and don’t let it tear you down. And if someone trashes your work then just be like “eff that, I don’t care”

That’s my philosophy, anyway.


Simple, straight forward. Death defying stunts. Hm. Appeals to my sense of style. I like it. I guess I’m worried about my work being “good enough,” but that’s what the exhale is for huh?


I do, from time to time, scream at birds. They never scream back.

“Good enough” is what the edits are for… and you can’t edit if nothing’s on the page, can ya?


I’m usually never satisfied with the story is my general problem lol. Like I like it enough to continue editing it, plotting, planning and rewriting the same points over and over again. But also not satisfied enough with what I do have to stop. Usually I hand my notes to people to get some guidance, and I do, but I also get “I can’t read this” so I make a second clearer version… basically spending an hour rewriting some notes instead of progressing story wise. but of course if I want feedback, I need to do that. So. yeah. it’s a mixed bag for me.


you underestimate the amount of word vomit I put on the page lol. Will my fellow word vomiters please stand up???


I usually edit my work into a brand new story, like I’ve gone through a few hundred page books this way because by the time I’m done rewriting, it’s brand new and I essentially have to start from square one because I’ve literally drafted a brand new novel if that makes sense


Stands up

My description has lessened since I started writing, it’s true, but… my characters walk. Everywhere. I have to go back and spend 10 minutes per chapter taking out ALL the walking.


Wow, I’ve never done that before. Mine is just… edits. Lil edits. I’m crap at rewriting haha

It’s cool that you can do that.


Music. If you put on a song and dance like you’re an absolute bawse, it helps lol

I gotta be my own bawse and pep talk myself lol


I think the bird technique is brilliant. Seriously.


it’s cool until people are like, can I read what you wrote and its nonsense near incomprehensible gobbly gook XD Like, the literal sentences don’t add up and also who why and what. you know? So I swing the complete other direction and now am like, I must PLAN TO A TEE EVERY SINGLE LINE OF DIALOGUE AND EVERY ACTION but of course that much planning requires a lot of notes and outlines and prepping sooooo I would need someone like every step of the way for that, and I lose a lot of time just trying to make things readable that it’s like. ugh. ugh. rip. My mom says I should be a writer, I’d like to subject her to any of my several outline pages and ask her again if she thinks I should commit to it full time lmao.


I make my own writing playlists, but if you mean pep music I guess I can give that a try and try not to cringe at the inclusion of the rocky theme


Hahahaha I love it.


I don’t, and so came to stalk to learn from others


:thinking: I tell myself my stories won’t get written how I want them to be unless I write em. As for posting… I don’t really think about it much. I usually visit the brutally honest threads for excerpt help, and after editing/proofing, I just er, post.


read the worst book I can find