How do YOU stay confident??



I am someone who is not very confident of my body…but hey im still working on it


I’m with @AWFrasier. I also (unlike most people here, mostly likely) steer clear of all things written when I’m trying to write… really good books will inevitably make me think my own work sucks, and really shitty books or even slightly shitty books will make me notice/imagine all the errors I’m making, thus sending me into a spiral of editing and self-doubt.

Other than that, finding pictures or visiting places that resemble settings in my book is a major inspiration boost for me.


Definitely keep up your creativity. I relate to this so much. I started work writing articles for a marketing company and my creativity plummeted. I found that free writing has helped me a lot. Listening to music and free writing. Also, talk to yourself. I do this in the car. Post on here more and engage in conversations anbout anything. I found that being in online clubs through my school and having discussions helped me tremendously. It’s like technical writing and creative writing are on two different planes and if we don’t engage creatively it gets blocked off!


Chocolate, music, and the thought of writing a really good book.

That’s what keeps me going at night–when I’m not working.


Mmm, chocolate!!


at this point im not very confident with my writing…it seems everybody has an issue on what I believe


For me, it’s just about knowing. Like I know I’m creative, and I wouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I also know I have good story ideas and anyone can fight me on that.:joy:


I know I literally have fights and then my topics get shut down


I’ve been having the same problem as well. I think the thing is finding that story that YOU want to write. I’ve finally found mine after years of searching for it, and I’m glad I waited because I feel like this is going to be an amazing one to tell.

Remember; people write differently. Some people can just pump out ideas like it’s air and literally have a novel idea within minutes, but then there’s people like me that it takes a while for the idea to evolve into something. Everyone has their pace, just go with yours and don’t feel overwhelmed because others are writing faster than you. Now I have friends that help me write and help me want to keep myself motivated.


Yes, I had fun writing for the magazine but all in all the things I was doing felt very… I don’t know, I mean I wish I was getting paid, lol. Maybe if I’d had more wiggle room. I did enjoy just doing small scale work that wasn’t high pressure and was purely for entertainment purposes/idle college reading, but still. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it wasn’t creative enough for me, as you mentioned. Although I seem to be a lot better at non fiction than fiction lol. As much as I love fiction.


Chocolate is what keeps me going everyday tbh


Cheese keeps me going


I have absolutely no idea because I’m not




Well I wouldn’t say I’m overly confident about my writing. I have posted like 20 chapters and I still haven’t hit 300 reads yet, so yeah. It’s a bit demotivating


I have absolutely no clue what that is supposed to say


Ill help with that! dont worry your going to get there look I wrote a whole bunch of chapters to and I only have 95 people that read it


just keep announcing that you wrote a new chapter


I already do that, I post it on a regular base in the SYS threads and following most tips people give me about gaining a better readership haha


lol…well probably make a thread that will gain people’s attention then add your book part.