How do YOU stay confident??



This might be terrible advice, but this is how I go about it when I’m more…mentally stable and emotionally balanced.

Confidence is largely irrelevant.

I wasted years because I kept looking for the ‘perfect’ novel to start my writing career, and I deal with confidence issues every day, but when it comes to writing, this is what I ultimately learned: confidence doesn’t matter. What you do matters. What you write matters.

Learning how to keep writing even when you don’t feel like it is one of the most valuable possible tools you can forge. Great Stephen King quote: “Keep writing, even when it feels like all you’re doing is shoveling shit from a sitting position.”

Although it might be ridiculous and even somewhat juvenile, the greatest piece of advice when it comes to dealing with problems like confidence and worrying if you’re good enough came from Rick & Morty. “The answer is don’t think about it, Morty!”

The professional writers that I’ve read about and had the opportunity to talk to largely have the same advice when it comes to any form of hesitation about your writing: “There’s no magic bullet, no easy solution. You just sit down and do it.” The only way out is through.

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn’t.


I keep myself confident in my somewhat lackluster skills with one simple phrase: I will get better. I’m not going to write the next bestselling novel if I don’t practice and hone my craft. Both of which take time. Whenever I’m feeling really confident, I’ll have people/critics read my stuff for me and tell me how to improve. It might hurt being told what’s wrong, but I know that it’s all to help me get better. I come out knowing that I am better than I was before I read the sometimes harsh comments.

And if it gets to be too much, I take time and just read other people’s works. It helps me get inspiration and become encouraged again. If they can struggle and get better, then I can too.


This is great advice. Thank you! I know in my brain that’s what I need to do… but my heart usually gets in the way, lol! I just need to keep trucking and force myself to make serious progress on my own without constantly waiting for validation. That can come later when I actually have more to work with.


Thank you<3


Happy to help.


To be completely honest?

Reading and watching popular boring books and movies/shows. If these guys, with all their most clichéd and boring stories, can still be watched and read, the story that I write to be different sounds pretty good in comparaison. :smiley:

In that, I agree with @theanaleao :smiley: :smiley:


Work it out of spite, and turn it into art!!! :smiley:


Oh my, can you teach me? :flushed:


@OnlyJustImagine I’d be willing to share what works for me in greater detail. Go ahead and send me a PM.