How does one fanfic


I want to write about this album-musical I found. Wanted to try exploring its meaning. But where oh where do I start? Maps? Outlines? Character Charts?! :eyes:


Umm learn the world you want to enter and learn what characters that are already there you want to interact with. learn those characters personalities and what not, then create your own. Outline the plot and figure out just how your OC will fit in and what adjustments you need for this to work.


Oh I don’t want any OCs in this, just interested in where my interpretation of the story could go.


Then just let go, lol


I seeee. Gonna go all in!


Lol, just go for it, editing is allowed and so are rewrites!


Really get to know your characters. Research their background. Analyze the libretto and lyrics of the album/musical. Spend a day being each character as if you were acting them on stage. Figure out the words and phrases they prefer, the gutturals, the grammar style, the rhythm.

Figure out what each character wants out of life. What is their driving motivations? What is preventing them from getting those. This becomes the beginning of your own story. Give each person a major desire. Then give each person something that prevents them from getting it. Your protag and antag will be at odds in this.

Once you know the desires, determine how it will all end in the climax. Then figure out what’s going to get them to that climax. That’s your outline.

Now, go write.


very very very good advice. I agree 100%


i write harry potter fanfiction and i always start with an OC first. i think it’s good to have multiple OCs depending on the storyline. i think you need to establish the plot next by asking basic questions: is this canon or au? if it’s canon, when is it going to be set and how can my character(s) fit in? and then i would do what you do with any character or plot and just flesh them out by outlining them.


I don’t
habe any ocs. I just want to intepret the album ;;


Why does everyone (most people) assume a fanfiction has to center around an OC? I’m writing a fanfiction and the only real OCs in it are two minor characters that get killed in the prologue. Unless you count the monsters as OCs, but I don’t think they count.

I think it’s this kind of stuff that gives fanfic a bad rep (the whole fanfiction is just written so authors can play out their fantasies by inserting themselves into it). You can write brilliant fanfics with all canon characters!

Sorry for the rant.


By definition, a fan fiction is a work inspired by other works. That means that to create a fan fiction, you just need to write something that is inspired by another work!
There are many different types of fan fictions, from fan re-creations to ships.
Whatever works for you!


The good thing about fanfiction is that there are NO limits to tell a story in a universe you love.
Be it canon characters, Oc’s, minor events recounted or alternative universes. Everything is possible. Most writers are actually writing only canon characters and rarely use OC’s albeit for minor background functions.

Pulling off an OC as the Main Character is iffy.

The reason most people believe that fanfiction is only about Original Characters and that they have such a bad reputation is, I believe, stemming from the fact that many young writers try to write self-inserting characters into their favorite universe and don’t essentially are able to capture the right tone or voices, due to their relatively little expertise as a newbie writer. And a lot of people actually do give OC characters a bad rep on purpose no matter how many well written fics with them are out there, which is a shame, clearly. There is a whole Mary Sue witch hunt going on even when new CANON characters get introduced into a fandom. The term gets flung around loosely as an insult often.