how does one get more votes?


I honestly have no idea how some people get so many votes for their books. like most of them deserve it of course but there are some books out there which aren’t that great and i’m just like how??? please, if anyone has any idea at all, give me some advice :’)

  1. Write a quality story. Read around to see where your work stands compared to others in your genre.
  2. No matter how good it is or how well-written it is, accept critiques with grace and panache.
  3. Interact, interact, interact.
    -Follow other writers in your genre.
    -Respond in a timely manner to people who comment or message you.
    -Read and comment on other people’s work, and some will return the favor without you asking.
    -Check the Community often for read-for-read or critique offers. If they like your story, they will give you votes.


If you’ve done all the above, rinse, repeat, and add even more of it :slight_smile: As in, interact even more. Pleased to meet you. I’m following you now. :wink:


thank you so much for all the advice! i’ve done most of these stuff and i’ll continue doing it hehe thanks again!


Certainly doesn’t help! Unfortunately, that’s not really the case with Romance. With stories in the Fantasy genre and other genres, possibly.

Also, I would advise against following someone if you’re hoping to get more votes. Follow that person because they interest you or you enjoy their writing. Leave comments relevant to their story and vote if you enjoy the story without expecting something in return.

I’ve discovered a number of interesting books by clicking on the profiles of those who have voted, or left comments on my story. Usually when they leave comments, they write in the same genre or have a similar story.


This is a good thread!

And as you get more reads you’ll probably get more votes too :slight_smile:


My votes started to pile in once the story started to reach the meaty part of it. Basically when the build up from the first 1/3 of the story started to pay off. Then I would have people go back and vote on the whole story.

End chapters on cliffhangers too. People want to go on roller coasters of emotions, and if you manage that and then end it with a smart cliff hanger, it gets them excited and they are more likely to vote.

Essentially votes come in when the reader feels extra satisfied.


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You can read this article for more info-


thank you so much!


alright noted!




Pay no attention. If you make likes a measure of your success then you won’t ever know what it’s like to write to make yourself happy.

If you’re your own worst critic, then you will be miles ahead of anyone else; people say (and I have said, must admit) "Don’t beat yourself up … " That’s good advice to someone who tried to write a vampire romance after that genre has already been worn out, but to a person who thinks “likes” on this forum or any other are gold? Please my friend - dismiss that.

I know my stuff is good if it makes me feel good. I love posting to Wattpad because once the public can see it, I’m hyperaware of my mistakes; my weak parts.

You can’t use the likemeter as a reading of how good you are, please don’t do that.

If you’re here to go for the throat, then it is a long, lonely business. Be the lone samurai who doesn’t need a party every time he / she publishes a chapter. Do your best and be hard enough on yourself to recognize when your best hasn’t been achieved. I would really feel bad if you did your best and then felt discouraged because the likes weren’t there. At its heart, writing isn’t about what others think.


what FantasybkLover said.