How does one poetry?

Hello there! Yesterday, I accidentally stumbled into being a poet. I lengthened a cryptic post of mine to make it look fancy, and someone mistook it for deep and amazing poetry. Since then, I’ve written three more poems.

Now, I have no experience with this. Personally, I’ve always disliked poetry, as I like full sentences and getting straight to the point, so this is really odd. How long are poems supposed to be? How often are you supposed to write them? Should they be in a certain format?

Until now, I have “free-versed” them until roughly the same size. Yesterday I wrote two poems, today three. I plan on posting one a day in my thread, just for fun as well as to see where it goes. If I reach 50 poems, I may just make an anthology and put it on Wattpad.


Do as you like
Do as you must
Do as you can
Do what you do
Do be do be


I really should’ve expected this from the Poetry subgenre. Thanks for the advice, though.


It sounded really good. :joy:




I am curious to read your cryptic post poetry.


No promises on its quality. Regardless. – clears throat –

A forest in which a lonely fox lives,
muttering to herself.
If you listen closely,
you can hear the trees echoing her faint words.
You can come and whisper alongside her,
or just sit back and listen to the ramblings.
Either way,
she doesn’t mind.
People come and go,
after all,
like leaves on the wind.
Like whispers in an empty room.


Lovely little poem


Are you the :fox_face:?


By verbing a few other things, wattpading is fun as well. And my favorite, spicing.

But that’s the great thing about poetry, other than rhyme and meter, pretty much whatever you want!

Onto poetry with you.

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Aye. My username was @JaneTheFirefox for years. It stuck with me.


How does one “improve” their poem?

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I have a poem based on my username too.

Improvements are subjective. Depends on what you’re going for in each different poem.

My poems are all a bit all over the place.

Some rhyme, some don’t. Some are serious, some lighthearted.

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Mine are whatever I feel like, honestly. I’m not putting a whole lot of effort in. This is just all really odd.


How long have you been writing poetry?

On and off for years. Just when the mood strikes.

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There are many ways to poetry,
It’s like writing, but with a different flow.
Lines written and words used,
It’s just a matter of what path you go.

Some use rhyming schemes; there are many to pick from.
While others are free verse, no clear, discernible, pattern.
You can use a mix, change it up, but you’ll develop a preference.
Remember that near rhymes can also work well.

Formatting can change the game, make the reader stop and think.

Where it is: left, right, or center, it’s all about intent.

The thing is, the way your phrase, the structure matters all the more. For you try and convey these thoughts, feelings, ideas, uses language.

There are many kinds of poems too. Not just the rhyming schemes, but some have names, like a haiku, sonnets, and acrostic poems

A great number of types of poems there are.
Couplet, sonnet, haiku, and acrostic are just some.
Really, anyone can write poetry.
Online it defines a poem as: “a piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure.”
So it’s really whatever you make of it.
Take your time to explore, like any form of writing
It can take time to find your own rhythm but you’ll get it
Can you see here, what kind of poem this is?

Like writing Jane, a poem can be as short or as long as you like. One line to stanzas.
Some people follow a clear theme throughout their anthology and others just make a mix.


Reason I am supprised I saw you as the poster :joy:
continues reading

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To all that there isn’t a “supposed” rule

You can make your poems as short or long as you want

You don’t have to write them, you just write them when you feel like it, for me it depends on my state of mind the worse I am the more I write

For format wise depends on the type of poetry you are writing same with length for some


Ooo you like this road of poetry! @new_mani someone like you!

Mani likes to write this type as well I do remember that they have a name as well so I can check it for you

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