How does your character fit in on the RPG alignment chart?

The RPG Alignment chart determines how your character acts.
It’s a table with Good, Neutral, Evil across the top, and Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic across the side. Where do your characters fall on the chart?

not quite sure if this is right, but Carlos would be good, chaotic. Jaak neutral, neutral. And Josh Evil, lawful

Brünhild is chaotic good, Jarl starts as neutral, and Erik is most definitely chaotic evil.

I have too many characters to sort them all, but for my MCs:
Lucien: lawful neutral
Atiel: neutral good
Titus: lawful good
Ivie: lawful neutral
Rasha: chaotic good

Leon: Chaotic Good (Kid), Neutral Good (Teen), True Neutral (Adult)
Douglas: Chaotic Neutral
Neil: Neutral Good
Lyn: Chaotic Good
Sylvia: Lawful Neutral
Darren: Chaotic Neutral

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Jasmine: Lawful Good
Thomas: Chaotic Good
Blue: Lawful Evil
Sam: Neutral Good

But I’m not certain yet…thanks for this! I know what I need to do to flesh out my characters now <3

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Caro: Lawful good
Pilo: Chaotic good
Sammy: Neutral good
Hope: Lawful good
Venus: Neutral
Nature: Lawful evil

Ella: Kind
Exlla: Kind
Emma: Cool

I guess my main character would be chaotic good