How fast can we kill the thread? - 19














Hey! Long time no see. How are you?



Not too bad. Pretty busy as usual. I’m at the point I’ll have to list what I’ve been doing since it’s been ages since you’ve seen me lol

I see Fray’s Christmas special is getting bigger than last year



Yes, list it! xP

Fray’s Christmas special? Did I miss something?



I’ll list in next post. I have to remember everything I’ve done in a month (I’ve done a lot).

Fray did a thing last year with the Accomo crew with the xmas hats. I think it’s just a general thing in the threads now.



I wish you luck in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the Accomo crew? And I don’t think I talked to Fray a lot last year… Actually, last year around this time, I was just released, so I didn’t touch the forums for a while
It’s actually another user that made me do this. I forgot her name, but she has the Greatness tag and a big cartoon face as a profile picture



Right, here’s the list of the last month draws a deep breath

With the NBR, I got my chapter Featured after being with them for 3 weeks.
Hit over 400 followers on Wattpad
Hit over 500 followers on Twitter
Wrote a book in a month
My first book hit 700 votes with 4400 reads
I won with my entry for ShortStory Halloween Vault Prompt, which got featured on their Fright Bites Anthology
I got into a few finals for my other short stories
Won the short story comp that brezzyfoot had
Entered the OMP awards
Won a bunch of user based comps

As for that user, :man_shrugging: I barely frequent the threads anymore.



Sorry for vanishing, was writing a report that took forever.

Also, congratz on all those things!



Thanks. And that’s all good. I’m doing reviews at the same time lol



What’s yer payment? Or do you do it for free?
I’m trying to set up a read-for-read, but most turn away because I don’t do romance. On the first day, I had two people, but none after that. I did deny two after, but that’s because they didn’t have separate paragraphs, instead having one huge block of text (for 2-3k words per chapter)



If it’s a short story, I do a skim over and point out strengths and weaknesses. I pick up on things pretty fast.

I don’t do read for read. I just read what interests me. But sometimes I get messaged to have a look and those ones are the types that are really well written. It’s kewl reading those. It doesn’t happen often, but people appreciate it

As for the other review, the Necrocommunity had a comp for tags, which someone won. I’m doing a review for them as part of the prize :wink:



I think I looked at them before. They looked pretty well set-up

I’m still running a vampire profile on my own. I’m trying to do a Christmas special, but… It’s looking grim. Very grim. I don’t think we can make it



That sucks about the grimness of the Christmas special

As with Necro, we’re thinking of setting up a few things next year, so I should have time then to do all sorts of things. Had a few ideas brewing, but we’ll see how it goes :wink:



You’re actually part of the community, as a leader? Neat
I have a few plans for 2019 as well, like setting up a graphics shop, run by Coven members, and making a Book of the Month thingy like UndiscoveredWolves. That should help get our word out there



Well, one of the active users who talk directly to the main heads :wink:

That sounds interesting. I hope that goes well for you :slight_smile:

Next year, I have no idea how much I’ll be doing. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing part time study, but still unsure of course (I always self doubt myself all the time, even though I know what I’m doing).



Ah, I see… How many threads do you Necros have?

Gonna advertise in the SYS, like, “Advertise your vampire story here to be chosen as book of the month January/February/June!”. Whatever story gets most votes, wins :slight_smile:

I feel you… The self doubt is always real.

I’m the only one running this profile, and it’s really scary. The moment my mental health nopes out, there’s no one for me or the profile to fall back on. It’ll plunge into nothingness just like that. It’s a lot of pressure on me, too, running everything… But I do it for the community