How fast can we kill the thread? - 19




Damn, you guys have over 20 people o.o neat



None. They’re in a middle of a transition at the moment.

As long as it’s not actual votes, just votes via a poll. Otherwise that’s frowned upon

That it is…

Thanks. I can;t wait to get the ball rolling more with that community :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of awesome peeps there :wink:



Oh, gods, of course. UndiscoveredWolves runs it by putting an announcement on their wall. Whatever story is mentioned most in the reply, wins.

Same goes for my community, though it seems like we’re running things much differently. I run monthly contests (both drawing and writing), and a monthly book club. Your ‘members’ are more people who do graphics/reviews/etc


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Yeah, we do intend on doing more, but it depends on the direction we go. I’m a plotter (Reaper) in the community there, so that’s a lot of fun making up plots for the fun of it. I’m always full of ideas.

We do want to do short story comps and things like that, but I’m pretty sure that’ll be after Christmas and New Years etc






We can always attempt a cross-competition. Vampires and Necros aren’t that far apart. The Realm of Vampires does need to grow a bit bigger before that, though. We have roughly 70 followers to your 400



True. And I’m sure that could be something made to be quite fun. I’ll definitely remember that for future future projects :wink:



Now let’s just hope all goes to plan. It will take a while to reach 400, and in that time, I either need to find several people to help me or struggle on while hoping I never break down



Do you enter a lot of user run comps? That’s one good way to promote if you know a lot of users :wink:



How does a community profile enter a competition?



If you know the user well, you can always ask them if they could make a chapter to promote the community



Ah, I see. I am half tempted to ask a popular author that I count as friend (I’m allowed to send a christmas card, eeek!) to promote, but she writes mostly sci-fi/fantasy, so there’s not much vampire in there



Ah, that sucks about not being in a similar genre. I’m sure you’ll find a way. It takes time and depends on your connections :wink:



I guess we’ll see where it goes shrugs
If the Christmas book fails this year, I can try again in 2019. Hopefully we will have enough entries to make it then. This profile did start in August, after all



True. A bit of shameless advertising helps a lot. The Necros haven’t been around that long either to be honest.



It helps that there’s 20 of you, each with their own fanbase. I only have a small ‘fanbase’, if I can call it that



Huh, the Necros are five days younger than the RealmOfVampires



Whoa, only 5 days apart. That’s pretty random.

Yeah, some of us have a few followers and such, so maybe that’s a factor. I honestly have no idea. The group exploded very quickly



Hey everyone :slight_smile: