How important is having the same username on here as on Wattpad?


Just thinking through everything…any reason why someone would NOT want to have the same username on both sites?


@uncleL I don’t know… Maybe if in the future when these new Clubs are fully fleshed out they want to keep their Wattpad identity hidden. For example if someone has a bad reputation on Wattpad for whatever reason. Again, I’m not sure.


I couldn’t see too many valid reasons for wanting to keep it a secret except maybe like what @FetchingPenumbra said they want to keep their wattpad identity separate. However allowing that could open a can of worms where people could troll without consequences. So unless you can find a way to set it up where at least mods and y’all at HQ could see the true member name, I don’t know that it would be a good idea to allow the clubs to have a different user name from wattpad.


I don’t like the character restrictions of usernames on Wattpad. (6-20 characters iirc)

I like having my username on here as @Lumi because it’s short and my pen name.


LoL I never even knew there was a character limit for user names. Glad Prisim fit in under the wire! I hate when I have to add #'s to it



It took me ages before finally settling on a username.

If it wasn’t for the restriction, I’d have chosen @Lumi