How long are your book's parts?


Initially, I’ve written my parts to be 1.5k-1.8k words long for wattpad, but I’m considering cutting down.

I personally prefer reading shorter chapters because I find them easier to read and more importantly, give feedback to.

So how long are your chapters? and how much are you willing to read per part?


My chapters are typically 1.8k-2.2k words because I usually find that’s what I need to write a well-fleshed out scene. I think your current word length is good. You’re right to say that many mobile users prefer shorter chapters, but having that sort of word cap can make the chapters feel choppy or disjointed and you also may force yourself to break up or shorten scenes where you would have written more otherwise. I usually say anything 1.5k-2.5k is a good range for Wattpad!


1,000 to 1,500

When I edit I’ll pribably bump it up to 1,800 though.

I wouldn’t go above that because I don’t enjoy reading drawn out chapters.


As much as needed. Personally I prefer a chapter that’s at least 1.5k, but it doesn’t matter as long as you get what’s needed down. My chapters in my current WIP are 3k+ and my last book it was 1.2k+
I’m a fan of longer chapters, but that’s a personal preference.


I’ve read your parts…and I like the length. I wouldn’t go too much shorter… I’d stay between 1.2K and 1.5K.


1.5 to 2.5K. It is easier to edit & find exchanges on.


Hmm that’s true. One of my fav online writers (she’s not on WP) writes literally up to 10K a chapter, making her chapters feel very solid and well-planned out. But what if you’re writing from several points of view? Would you separate those into parts, or write 2 POVs in one part?

(I’ve seen published books do both of these, and I personally prefer separating by scene here rather than one character per chapter)


3k+ feels too much to me on WP. Some chapters need to be longer than others, and I find uneven chapters slightly annoying


My word count varies from 1,500 to 2,100 words.


I have from 1.5K to 2.5K depending on what happens in the actual chapter. I feel like 2K is a perfect length for a wattpad chapter but everyone has their opinions.


Chapters should be as long as they need to be.

Maybe. Respond later


I’ve been having the same thought. My WIP on Wattpad has parts that are complete chapters of about 1,200 – 2,100 words, but I’m considering splitting them into smaller parts. I feel like this will actually make the chapters feel less constricted since then they wouldn’t have to fit under a certain word count.


1.5k-2.5k for me. Most are around the 2k mark.


Mine are usually a little bit above 1k.


For me, it depends on the genre. Teen fiction definitely is more geared for shorter chapters. I think fantasy readers are more ‘trained’ so to speak for longer parts (world-building being a big factor).

When I write mystery/thriller, my chapters tend to be a lot longer, sometimes up to 4k words long, but because there’s a lot of action and it’s fast paced, I don’t think they feel as long. So pacing, genre, and audience are big factors on the right length for a chapter.

Also consider, on Wattpad in particular, that if you had two novels of the same word-count, but one had shorter chapters and one longer, the book with shorter chapters will register more reads, even if they had identical number of readers, because reads are registered per part.


I would typically separate two POVs into two scenes as well as two chapters. I don’t care for multiple POV stories that switch back and forth between each POV every 500ish words, so I would make separate chapters for each POV. In my mind, I typically separate chapters by scenes anyways.


My first chapter is above 2k and I considered to make it a little bit shorter. But I have decide against it because I personally prefer longer stories.


My chapters currently are 2k-2.5k. That’s for my current stories. Older stories are shorter due to my inability to write enough. I don’t plan to really go past 2.5k unless I really need to. Which is Blue Moon rare.

Im not picky about word count I’ll read. I’ll read short chapters and long. The only book I ever gave up due to long chapters was I slapped the football player and I’m damn proud. The chapters had to be 50k I swear. They were FREAKING TOO LONG. But most people do not come close to that long of a chapter.


I honestly don’t keep count, so…


My chapters are around that length too. I think it’s hard to convey anything and move the plot along if you go shorter. It’s interesting to hear though that many people don’t like reading “long” chapters.