How long are your book's parts?


too long. i don’t understand how people manage to get their plots across in 1.5 k


Mine are usually around 2k-3k. Sometimes they’re a little shorter and sometimes a little longer. There as long as I need them to be.

My longer chapter are very few, but I’ve had reader’s comment saying they had no idea how long they were until they were done reading the chapter, since I still keep a fast paced scene in those longer ones.


I prefer a little longer chapters.


Same! I feel like short chapters leave me hanging haha


Exactly. Or lack the depth required to bring the scene to life.


Since most people read on their phones, and Wattpad doesn’t save your location mid-chapter, I’d say keep it below 2.5k. As for lower limits, I find it a bit disappointing when a chapter is less than 1k.


My chapters are usually that long as well


Wattpad always saves where I stayed in the chapter on my phone


Maybe it’s just me.


For A Rider’s Fate, most of my chapters are between 2,000 and 3,000 words long and readers still comment and vote on most of the chapters.

For The White Rider, I’m aiming for 2,000 words per chapter, but the story is going to be much longer than ARF. Which means I’ll have more chapters.


More chapters isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the way the algorithm works, ie that books with more chapters are more likely to be featured; furthermore, it amounts to more reads and votes.


I keep my chapters above 2.5k words. I don’t mind reading a long chapter as long as it actually moves the plot and doesn’t drag about.


I would do that on other platforms like Radish, but here I think it’s better to keep it around 2k so that people don’t get intimidated by massive blocks of text. It’s a finely tuned art; I trust that you do it well.


Mines are between 200 and 2000 words.


200 seems a bit short. Quite a bit.


It is but the reads add up quick.


As long as the chapters aren’t being cut before they need to be. Chapters should be as long as they need to, to get the scene across :calmwolf:


I average around 2,000-2,500. That’s with some at 3 and some at 900, of course, but the average tends to be somewhere in there. That’s about the time it takes me to say what I need and get the heck out!


The longer the better and some scenes are more detailed than others.

The blessing of my book is that for some reason the word count has steadily increased. Went from the average 1.5k-2.5k to 3k-5k to the most recent being 5.5k-7.5k. So by the time the chapters get to this point, the readers are already invested.


Between 3000 and 4000 usually. 5000 being the longest so far. I try to make sure there is at least one compelling scene per chapter.