How long are your book's parts?


Oof, for my first completed book the words were between 5-7k long per chapter (20+ chapters,) for my current book I am doing about 3k chapters, and for my new one im doing maybe around 2-3k chapters.


On the book I just finished, my goal for each chapter was 2k to 2.5k, but toward the second half, they got sporadic and now the shortest chapter is 500ish and the longest is 3.7k. I would say my control was a little off.
Personally, I prefer reading anything between 1k and 2k. I think it’s unbearable to read really long chapters (4K+) especially when I’m not that invested in the story. Tbh, about 98% of the reading I do on Wattpad is for my review shop, and I don’t really care for about 80% of the stories on my queue. Keep it short, guys. Don’t be like me.


my chapters are always at least a thousand words long except for my poetry its always funny when your struggling to reach the thousand word mark and then you end up writing past it with whatever new idea you came up with


Like 2k to 2.5k i got to keep it mobile friendly XD but sometimes when i cant split certain event it can be 3 to 3.5k


That’s actually why I’m hoping to make this story longer. Plus, I want to write something that’s closer to the 100,000 word length that’s the average size of regular Fantasy novels. ARF is less than 60,000 words.


Mine is also about 1.5-2k depending on the context of the chapter. Fillers will be shorter if they’re just meant to move the story along. I don’t think rushing through chapters is a good thing but drawing them out is bad. People are quick to lose interest. I don’t think there’s really a right answer, you just have to write a COMPLETE chapter however long that is.


Cackling because TGO is currently 94k and counting but I’m only on Chapter 26…about halfway through…what am I gonna doooo


That’s always been my motto.


My chapter length is all over the place. My current book has chapters that range from 400-800 words to 1,200-3,200 words. Other books of mine are much higher. One in particular has an average of 3,000-5,000 word chapters.

Personally, I don’t care for length as a reader. As long as the story is interesting and engaging, I’m fine. However, I don’t like super long chapters when the author adds in too much of nothing; irrelevant details and info-dumps. I get too bored of it. And I don’t like short chapters that could’ve easily continued on a bit more. This would be an issue for most of the shorter chapters on here.

I wouldn’t cut it down because that is a low amount already and is pretty average. So honestly, you’re not doing yourself much justice if you cut it more.


Typically I find it differs depending on the type of book I’m writing and the subject matter. My first fully fleshed out book had a range of 2500-4000 words and that’s what I’d aim to write for each chapter at least. I just found that I could write more with it since it was horror/thriller, and eccentric characters. People do seem to find longer chapters intimidating to read though :frowning:

My current book has around 1800-2000, but I think that’s simply because there’s multiple viewpoints and I didn’t want too much information thrown around and making it confusing.

If you’re worried about word count, I would just write based on the plot points you want to cover. What is the issue at the start of the chapter, and how is it resolved or brought forward by the end. Is there an event that needs to happen in order to progress etc. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’ve written and it does what you want I genuinely wouldn’t stress about it!!


I average 1.5k per chapter. Now, generally it is right there at the 1.5k to a bit more, but I write to the scene. The way I best explain it to people is that I write episodically. Every chapter is like an episode of the show with a defined plot for the chapter that also ties to the overall work.
I keep my word count in that range not for wattpad, though it is convenient that way, but I do it because I use descriptive wording and scene setting that give the reader what they need for a visual in their mind without extraneous details that won’t matter later on. If it drives the story then use it. If it is a throw away line for word count then cut it out is my philosophy


My current project is a high fantasy with a lot of plot threads and multiple PoVs, so my wordcount per chapter tends to go between 2500-3500 words each, sometimes a bit over that. I just can’t cover enough if I make them shorter than that, and the readers might feel like things are too choppy if I have short chapters while moving between characters. Other stories I’ve written have had chapters fall in the 1800-2500 word range because the plots aren’t as complicated, I’m not changing PoV, and/or the scenes just don’t call for as much ‘wordage’. I tend to go with my gut on where a chapter should end, and those ranges tend to be where they fall most often.

As a reader, if I’m engaged and don’t feel like it’s being chopped up or dragged out, it doesn’t make any odds to me how long they are. I would prefer a chapter drawn to a close in what seems like a natural way rather than have it read like it had been squeezed or dragged out to fit a word goal. I don’t want to drown in extraneous, ultimately useless detail, but nor do I want to get so little detail I don’t know or get invested in what’s going on. So it’s a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ issue for me. It depends on the book and the nature of the writing as to what I would prefer.


I’m currently writing a high fantasy and my chapters are all around 2k each. Might bump it up to 2k-2,5k when rewriting the whole thing


Well I’m currently writing a story in short prose so in my short chapters I may have about 10 words and in the longer ones about 30. When it comes to a story I’ve written in novel form, then about 2000.


It depends on the story. Most of the chapters in my older stories vary from 800-1.5k, sometimes 2k, while the chapters in my more recent stories are about 2k-3k, sometimes a little over 4k. One of my current stories I’m writing has a pretty consistent 2.5k word count for each chapter, only occasionally going under 2.5k, or over 3k or just over 4k, while another of my current stories has chapters ranging from 800-1.5k, sometimes just under 2k. I think 2.5k-5k is a good chapter length though, while anything under 1k just seems too short, unless the story calls for very short chapters, even 1.5k I feel is too short in some instances.

If I’m writing one-shots however, it varies a lot, but it’s usually been anywhere between 1k-3k, but I’m trying to write longer one-shots with the longest so far being just over 7k, and I’m almost certain I’m going to have much longer one-shots than that. Though with one-shots I’ve set myself a limit of nothing over 10k, but with one that I’m still working on it seems likely that it’ll go over 10k…


I’m a fan of longer chapters myself. Not a read time of an hour lomg, but not overly short.

I usually write my chapters from 2-3K words and some are even over 3K!

I have a pretty decent readership and nobody has complained about the length of my chapters other than to sometimes say that they need to be even longer! So, obviously, chapters that are a bit longer than the Wattpad norm work for some books like mine :woman_shrugging::blush:


Why would you feel the need to cut back on your work counts? Do you cut back on breathing or eating? It’s the same as writing. My chapter averages about 1800-5600 words–depending on the book and the story.

I never cut back. In fact, I find ways to add to the story in every way possible.

So should you.


Mine are really tiny for my novel (literally from 2 words to ~1.5K, with most of them around 700 words). I wrote it like a series of journal entries, and I don’t think anyone writes much more than that in a journal at a time.

Honestly, the word counts you posted aren’t super long. I do prefer shorter stuff if I’m reading on my phone or computer, but anything in 2-3K word range is doable for reading.


I can easily reach 8k long chapters, I assumed that was the norm


Because I’d personally rather read shorter chapters on wattpad, so I thought other people might share that thought