How long are your book's parts?


One of my fav online writers writes and posts up to 10k chapters and I’m just constantly wondering how long it takes her to write and edit something that big for an online story, esp since it’s ongoing


And you’re right! Most people are on their phones so I’d say that usually under 1.5K is what people find too short and over 3K in generally too long. I think 2.5K is the sweet spot on this site!

And it’s not like you’re cutting back on your creativity or such like others have said! You’re just figuring out how to properly present your ideas to keep people engaged! There’s nothing wrong with that :blush:

Don’t listen to the people telling you otherwise :wink:


Sometimes you can overdo it with your word count. If you’re using five adjectives for everything you describe, then that will get tiring and you’d need to cut down to keep the readers engaged and to actually make the story better!

I’ve said this multiple times to you on threads but a bigger word count doesn’t necessarily mean the book is better. Some bigger books could definitely use some cutting down and ARE cut down by editors if ever published. Bigger isn’t always better!


Usually my word count varies. I write short chapters and long chapters. One of my chapters for my current book I’m writing, a Teen Fiction, was 10K words long, a chapter I recently posted was 6K+ words long.

The next chapters for my book are going to be quite long, but split into two parts (10-12K hopefully, two parts being split into 5-6K words)


sis I dont even know why some people got offended by that. Long chapters are tricky, and I know that both unpublished and published writers can easily mess them up.

Also, thank you so much : D


No problem! Hope I helped :blush:


Depends. I tried to be a bit more optimized for people, who have lots to do with Mosaik. Hence: More parts per week, but parts that are shorter, averaging around 1-1.2k.

With other stories it might differ a bit. My little christmas project will have 2.5 to 3k per chapter. And my Erotica story varies widely with chapters ranging between 1k to 4k.


Tbh Im not at that level where I keep count or try to stay consistent. I just kinda write as much as I feel like and try to find an interesting note to end it on on. If not a direct cliffhanger, at least something with a bit of suspense.
But yeah, I’d say my chapters are deff on the shorter side.


Mine are all around 3000, which I know is kind of long for Wattpad, but I really suck and whittling down chapters once they’re already written :sweat_smile:

Also @Sashetha your profile picture is lovely!!! It says you’re an artist; did you paint it?


Yes, and thank you! He’s one of the main characters from a story I’m working on. Just about to publish a chapter with some concept art actually! But yeaaaaah don’t go into my stuff expecting the most solid writing. Im like an rpg character who’s put all of my stat points into art, and hardly anything into writing. :’)


/clapping from afar for amazing art/


Thank you! :heart:


I like to keep my chapters short so they are easier to read on mobile devices. Usually they are anywhere between 500-1.5K.


Amazing artwork!


oml, feel like I’m clogging up the forum, so will probably make my leave now, but thank you!


My chapters are generally between 3K and 5K words long, and consist of two to three scenes. I’m considering posting each scene as a separate part on Wattpad, because the community here seems to favor shorter sections.


I don’t. My chapters are quite long for a reason. lol


You may be right about this, but you’re also wrong. You’re not dealing with amateur writer who just decided one day (yesterday) to writing a 300,000 word novel. Or 200,000 as the case may be.

Know who Cassandra Clare is? She’s the author to the book, Queen of Air and Darkness. Know how long that book is? 880 pages. Or 205,000 words–give or take.

Still don’t think her books are any better than mine? You judge novels based on how well they are written, but you do not know how much time or effort is put into such books. Your probably thinking that I pad the heck out of my novels–so I could increase my word counts to the max.

What you don’t know is that writers like Cassandra and writers like me–Schuyler Thorpe–we take our writing seriously. Very seriously.

When I say I’m going to go for broke and write a 200,000 word novel, the most you could say is, “Wow” before getting the hell out of my way and letting me do my thing.

Just like Cassandra Clare did with hers. And her books–like mine–were edited to perfection.

Unlike most people here, I don’t adjectives in my writing. They slow me down. They also have this nasty habit of giving me shorter books when I expressly wanted longer ones.


Because I am a fan of big books. The bigger, the more massive they are, the more happier I will be as a reader.

I want to go on a timeless journey with my novels. Not have someone e-mail me back and say,“Shit! Coffee break!”


I don’t judge books based on quantity, but quality. I get that a lot of time and effort goes into your work and I don’t doubt that, but your word count does not equal quality. I could write 200K words of utter crap, but I still wrote 200K words. Obviously I’m not saying that your work is bad since I’ve never read it, but I’m trying to make the point that’s high word counts don’t equal a good book.

I actually hated most of Cassandra Clare’s books and she’s also a pretty bad person from what I’ve heard, so I’m not really into supporting her endeavours - especially since Shadowhunters obviously plagiarizes another book series with no shame or subtlety.

But, again, I’m not discrediting your work or efforts, but I don’t care how long your books are! I like GOOD books and I don’t care if they’re long or short.

Your point proved mine completely! Cassandra Clare wrote a lot and I thought it was all really bad! Other books are must shorter and I liked them much more!

Also please do not state that your books are edited to perfection when you literally made a thread that ranted about how your editor wanted to do their job and actually edit your book and you got mad over their suggestions.

Again, not discrediting the effort, but a high read count doesn’t equal high quality and that’s a cold hard FACT :woman_shrugging:

It’s your personal opinion if you like longer or shorter books, but you can’t equate that to quality as if any book with a high word count is a good book.


I write from 2500 to 3000 words per chapter and I also prefer to read long chapters and long books. I can’t write short chapters, my readers wait for weekly updates and publishing short chapters would be like deceiving them and I don’t want that. I do everything to make my works worth their patience and I expect the same from every book I read. This is my philosophy, everybody is free to do as they like :blush: