How long are your book's parts?


Wow. First time I’ve been insulted to my face by someone who has never read anything of mine.

Let me ask you this: If you spent 31 years of your life–the next 31 years I should say–improving, honing, and mastering your skills as a writer and the craft, how honestly would you say that your writing isn’t up to par, sucks eggs, “isn’t as good as you might think it is” (this is quickly becoming a common default phrase for some of my critics here on Wattpad), or something else?

You sit here and you trash me and my writing as an every day thing. You claim that bigger isn’t better. I just gave you better. I gave you a published example.

You say that her books are bad. Considering she’s a national best selling author, I find that a bit strange. Because I had a unique chance at work the other night to skim through a copy of Queen of Air and Darkness and I am one of the most impossible people to please when it comes to books and authors.

But you know what I found? A woman that put in a lot of effort into her writing and made the book come alive for those brief few seconds that I read her book.

I didn’t find any issue with her novel. But that being said, not everyone is going to write like her either.

I personally write in a vacuum. It’s easier that way. (Not an actual vacuum, but in a vacuum.)

I don’t allow anything to interfere or influence my work. I pioneer the 180 proof vodka or the distilled version of moonshine and turkey whiskey in my writing. The hard stuff. The shit that will knock you on your ass in a heartbeat.

I don’t monkey around when it comes to writing. Ask anyone here who has read my work. They’ll tell you.

But if you don’t allow yourself the chance at discovery when reading a giant novel, you’re missing out on not only the journey, but also the chance for some personal self-reflection. A lot of these novels generally tell about the human heart or the human condition.

Those types of books are exceedingly rare in my opinion. Especially if done right and done well. You may have higher standards than I do, higher expectations than I do, but you shouldn’t paint such a large brush on all of us who write for the journey.

Even if one author does it wrong, does it badly (and I should take my own advice on this), it doesn’t really mean the rest of us will follow suit.


Hey, she clearly did nothing of that sort. Excuse me for saying this, but this thread is not meant to be space for you to flaunt how hard your writing will knock us out. Either be less aggressive or start another thread to go off as much as you’d like.


I’m not insulting you! I stated multiple times that I wasn’t insulting you! But saying bigger is better is just not true.

Like you said, I have high expectations and no one is going to please everyone. I do not like Clare’s books and that’s an opinion. A FACT is that bigger does not equal better. The length of a book DOES NOT equate to its quality.

Honestly, I’ve never read your books. I cannot argue the quality of your work in particular because I’ve never read it. I cannot be your critic because I have never read your book. The closest I’ve come is reading your summaries of your work and the one rating you have on goodreads when someone mentioned it once. Since I have not read any of your work, I cannot say if I think it’s good or bad.

Yes, you have been writing for 31 years. Good for you! But have you made a living out of your writing? Do you have anything to back up how godly you think your writing is?

I may not like her work, but Cassandra Clare is a bestselling author, as you said. She has proof that her work is popular. Comparing your books’ quality by its length is absolutely ridiculous - whether or not I personally like Clare’s books is irrelevant.

You cannot equate word count with quality. You cannot flaunt years of “experience” in everyone’s face without having anything to back up that your work is as good as you think it is. You can’t tell other people that shorter chapters aren’t as good as longer chapters as though it’s a fact because it is YOUR OPINION. Opinion is not fact.

Stop thinking you’re a god and stating your advice as if it’s fact. For a person who complains about everyone telling them how to write and everyone crushing their creativity, you sure like to crush everyone else’s… Please just state your opinions without discrediting other peoples’.


Thank you!


I couldn’t even tell you how long my chapters are; let alone myself. I just write until my outline says enough is enough, or when I feel like it’s a good part to end. I can say my chapters are over 1 or 2k at least.


Plus, I’ve grown up reading professionally written books. So I think that got me used to the industry standard. I know many people on here like shorter chapters, I quick read on a bus ride or whatever. But when I read, I read the book in one or two sittings due to memory problems. That’s why I can only read completed books on here.

So long as the chapter has me immersed and has meat on it’s bones (good description and pace), I’m happy.


It takes me like a day or 2 to write it out, and then like 3 or 4 days to edit everything so that it looks good enough. I’m a little obsessive so then I start looking for plotholes and stuff to correct so that takes around a week, increising exponentially as the story gets longer, but the end result is good.


Me too, and I actually really dislike shorter chapters in published books. One of my reads had 1-1.5 page chapters, and each was from the POV of a different character. I thought it was confusing and scattered, and I kept forgetting everything that was trying to happen


As a reader, it depends on what type of book it is. If it’s like a novel I like long chapters. If it’s a short story I like short chapters (but not too short).

Like I said before, I’m a reader so when you talk about the amount of words I have no clue how long that is :joy: so I’m not much help in that aspect…




I always try to stay within a deviation of 100 to 1000. What I mean by that is I can’t go 899 or lower, or 1100 and higher. Of course, I am an amateur with little time, so editing might bump it to 1,500 wpc


If you’re thinking of trying to get your work published through an actual publishing house, you very much need to be aware of your word count - and cut it down to meet their demand. At least with your first work.
When, and if, your work is successful, your are a lot more likely to get some leeway (look at how much longer J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books got).
Put depending on your genre, there are standards that they want your manuscript to meet.

  • Adult fiction 80,000-100,000 words.
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy 90,000-120,000 words (but there are often the exceptions in these genres)
  • Romance 50,000-100,000 words.
  • Historical fiction 100,000 words.
  • Crime/Mysteries/Thrillers/Horror 70,000-90,000 words.
  • YA 50,000-80,000 (though with flexibility due to the sub-genres)

I know I haven’t got a shot in hell of getting my current work published because my word count is way higher than the recommended (YA). And as a completely unknown, new, author there is just no way. An agent would see the word-count and go: Nope. Too long.

So if you have publishing ambitions, you should be aware and cut back.
(I’m using ‘you’ as a general here.)


I wouldn’t cut them down unless it makes sense. There can be such a thing as too short where you’re like: Why was this a chapter? It was too short to have any actual development.
I have a few chapters that are under 1000 words. I tend to call them semi-chapters because they are either a transition between two events, or just a final point that dots the I - so to speak.

On average, my chapters are 2200 words - some shorter, some longer, but never more then 3000+.

I prefer shorter chapters myself. My concentration isn’t the best. And while I LOVE the Harry Potter series, I actually think her chapters are too long.
The chapters in the A Song of Ice and Fire series was actually kind of painful getting through because they just go on forever. :tired_face:

For me, a chapter should not exceed 4000 words. If I enter a book and see that the chapter goes on and on, I’m very likely to abandon it even if it might be a really well written work. I just know myself well enough that it will become a task getting through it, rather than an enjoyment.


My chapters are usually over 3000 words, but I try not to exceed 4000 words. Lately, my chapters have been shorter though. Like 1500-2000 words.