How long are your chapters?

How long are your chapters? Do you prefer to write short chapters or long ones?

Do you prefer to read shorter chapters or longer ones?

In the past, my chapters averaged on the shorter end, between 1500 and 3000 words, but with a general goal of 2500 words in a chapter.

Now, I’m working on a high fantasy novel and find my chapters are substantially longer, averaging around 4500+ words.

What do you think? What’s the sweet spot? Long, short, or somewhere in the middle?


I vary a lot. Some chapters are about 2000 some are well over. It really depends on the chapter and the book. Some of my books have done well with just keeping the chapters between 1500-2500, while it simply wasn’t possible for others.

My readers don’t seem to mind either short or long. No one ever mentions it in the comments, so I don’t think they really care?

Personally, I’m better with chapters on the shorter side. Mostly because the bookmark function isn’t the best on Wattpad, so I gotta finish the chapters if I start and sometimes I just don’t have the time to read a 5000-word chapter. But then again, I’ve read plenty of books where it goes over 5k so it’s not a make or break thing for me.


To me, there is no “sweet-spot.” If you’ve gotten your point across by either 4K words or 500 then there’s really nothing to worry about. Mine varies as well so I don’t get to worked up about it.

@AWFrasier That makes sense! I tend to have the same issue with longer chapters, but I also love having something to really sink my teeth into.

@Causality fair enough! I definitely feel like it comes down to the natural end of the chapter in question. I’m just curious what thought other people put into things like chapter length, if any!


Yeah exactly! I’ve noticed with especially one book, the chapters can never be long enough. I devour them in minutes and the updates are a little inconsistent so I’m just sitting there like “NO! MORE NOW!”

And then there are others where I’m just thinking “When will this nightmare end???” (happened a lot when I was in book clubs :joy:)

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My chapter lengths were at least 2000 words when I was working through my first draft for my current story. Often they ended up longer than that, but I liked to have 2000 as the minimum length for a chapter. They’ll probably be longer once I’ve done more edtiting, though.

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In my current WIP they range from about 3,000 to 5,500 words, usually hitting just under 4,000. That’s pretty long for me (with my last novel I used to think my chapters were getting overly long if they hit 2,000 words) but this one seems to need to room.

I haven’t had any readers complain, but personally, I do enjoy a shorter chapter - as long as it feels complete and not cut off mid-scene for the sake of keeping it under a self-imposed word-limit.

dude some of my chapters are 500 words and some of them are over 2000 I fluctuate so much.

I have some chapters that are around 3,000 words. Some are 2,000 words. long. I try not to have 4,000 words cause that is a bit much for me.

I started off writing my novel with an average of 1500 - 2000 words a chapter. Now that I’m nearing the end of it I’m writing 2300 - 3000 words a chapter.

I don’t mind writing long or short chapters but I don’t like reading chapters that are over 3000 words. I don’t think there is a sweet spot either, it’s just whatever you think is enough to finish that current scene.

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Since I’m writing in first person present tense, my chapters tend to be a bit shorter. I’m trying to stay between 1,600 and 2,000 words per chapter.

If it’s third person past tense, then I’ll probably try to aim for between 2,000 and 2,500 words per chapter, but that might change.

As for me it really varies, and in view of the previous answers, my chapters are very, very long. My shortest has 8780 words, my longest 27 221, and there’s not really an average, I can just say that my chapters (apart from the two mentionned) have between 12k and 25k words.

Wow, that’s a lot! :exploding_head::sweat_smile:

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Yeah I have the feeling of being some Godzilla here… It’s disturbing X’D

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I write mostly poetry, so this dosn’t really apply, lol because my chapters are from 10 words to 684 words

Wow! How long does it take to write those?


It depends of my imagination. It can take many days. My last chapter (17 pages, 19k words) took me just one day because my imagination suddenly came back after one month and a half of disappearance X)


Another example, my new chapter. I started it last night, there are 5 pages and 6k words and I think the chapter is half complete. Tomorrow or the day after, if I work on it of course, I think it’ll be finished.

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Wow! The last time I wrote 7k words in a day, I thought I fried my brain. Tis pretty impressive :slight_smile:

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I used to follow wattpad’s s recommendation and write 1.5K-2K words. But as I kept writing, I found myself struggling to write less than 2K word.

I ended up splitting my longest chapters. But as readers requested me to write longer chapters, I stopped splitting them in the sequel.