How long does it take to get your book featured?

When you fill the from to feature your book and submit it so after that how much time does it take for it to know if it’ll be featured?

It usually takes 1-3 months. You will know because you’re added to aN official reading list. If you don’t hear after 3 months, then you can reapply.

I think they might send a PM too but it’s been a long time since I was featured, so I’m not 100% sure on that one.


Some profiles let you know the estimated time you wait for a response. I’ve applied to some lists and it took around a month or two to hear back, and they PMed me as well. They let you know if your book is or isn’t able to make it and it’ll be added if it is. It’s fun and exciting.

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It really depends on where you applied. Like for genre profiles, you’ll know within a month or two. But there’s also been times where I’ve waited even longer.

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How did you apply for reading lists?

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Most of these profiles have a form somewhere on their profile. Either in the bio or in a profile guide book they wrote for the profile. It’s a lengthy form but they want to make sure it’s good for the profile.


got it, thanks :blush: .

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Was you book completed and how many chapter did it have? And do they pm you before or after it’s featured.

It was completed and it has 30 chapters and one extra sneak peek chapter into the first chapter of its sequel.

They PM you right about the same time they add it to the list.

It can happen any time, in theory. Mine was featured on the Friday the 13th reading list in September proactively (I didn’t apply to a reading list or anything). So you never know!

In terms of the genre reading lists though, as others have noted, it can vary. The general cut off time is 3 months, and after then, I’d recommend re-applying!

I’m pretty new to wattpad, so I don’t know how this works. I don’t have a completed book, unless you count my short story/poem. Does a book have to be completed to be added to a list?

Do you mean featured as an Editor’s Pick by Wattpad or on a reading list on a genre profile?

I can’t say anything about the former as that’s HQ’s and Nick’s domain.

As for the latter, it depends on the profile. Ideally, people applying for reading lists shouldn’t have to wait more than a month but I’m afraid sometimes it takes longer. Some profiles have a backlog on reading list submissions, some have only one person checking the submissions (don’t I know it)