HOW LONG!?!? 🤯


That’s not a scam, that’s a technical problem. Is the problem with the ebook or paperback? I’ve never had an ebook update take more than a few hours. Paperbacks have been twitchy since the merger with CreateSpace. If the amendment hasn’t gone then there is something wrong with the file. What have you done to correct the issue?


Maybe I’ll check when EPBFI gets sign up for in a day or so.


I’m not sure my method might help much, since I don’t do the querying anymore.

I used to send about 5 - 10 queries every month, keeping track on a spread sheet. I’d do this for three months then the following 3 months do something else, like writing. Update the track sheet if I did receive responses. Any I didn’t receive responses for, I return to the track sheet to mark them off as unsuccessful and move on to a new batch. In my view, 3 months was generally a decent average lead time.

I ended up going down the Indie Author route since I like working my books like my own little hobby business. Now I use this method for book reviewers and promotional avenues.


Nah this was for ebooks actually, I was trying to remove the link to the genre community as Facebook, which was a requirement to be allowed to promote it in this one LitRPG Facebook group.

They require you link to their genre community. Sense I no longer associate with that group, I also removed the association in my ebook copy.

But when I updated it the old version was what was showing up, so I had to create an entirely new addition just to get the ebook copy to look right.

Updating should be way more straight forward.


If you are looking at the sample Amazon displays, you will always see the old version as that is what is stored in your cache. It’s a common mistake people make and they assume the amended file hasn’t uploaded. If it is showing as live on your dashboard then the correct file is uploaded. You need to clear your cache to see the latest version.


Thanks for the help!