How many books in a series?


Hey everyone, so I’m writing a series and I’m unsure whether to write three books or two. Do you prefer reading two books in a series or three books? Do you find that solo books are better, or series?


As many as the series needs. I don’t care if it’s 2 books or 14 as long as the plot can be used properly in the decided amount. I say write the first book, and if you need write a seconds, and decide. Does this series need a third book in order to be told properly? Or am I drawing it out too long?


Basically everything @calmwolf said. The amount of books in the series doesn’t matter as much as the quality. If you have enough quality material to write a 20 book series, write a 20 book series. If you only have enough for a 2 or 3 then just write 2 or 3. And if theres only enough for 1, just write 1. Don’t force it.


How ever many you need to tell the story. I tend to kind of magically fall on 4 books when I write a series, but that’s me. I’ll read stand-alones, duos, trilogies… You name it. If the books are good I’ll stick around for 8 or more even.

So, write as many books as the story demands you write. :smile:


Totally agree with this. You need to ask yourself how much story you have for each book, and it may require you to do a bit of forward planning to ascertain how many you have. I often find myself slashing the number of books in the series (occasionally adding, but less frequently). I have no issues reading any length of series/standalone, as long as the length is suitable for the story you’re telling.


I tend to enjoy reading book series that have 2-4 books in them.

Series is definitely better! Though, I don’t mind a good solo book once in awhile. :smiley:


If there’s more story to tell, there’s more story to tell. If you said everything that needed to be said by the 2nd story, don’t do a 3rd. Personally I like to write trilogies. I feel they are the perfect way to do sequels.

1st Story: Beginning of the entire story. Sets everything up for what’s to come.
2nd Story: Middle of the entire story.
3rd Story: End of the story. As you go about the story, you need to start wrapping things up.


That’s not a series though. Three books is a trilogy; two is a duology (or just the main story’s sequel). A series consists of four or more books. Think of stories like the Mortal Instruments series and Harry Potter. A duology is more like Unwind and the Savior’s Champion. A trilogy is like the Hunger Games and Divergent.

Personally, I don’t care how many books there are in a series. It can be four or twelve or even more than that. As long as each book connects and is captivating, I’m fine. :wink:


It depends on my mood. I’m in the middle (literally) of an eight book saga that’s been in the works for the past 5 years, and I have other stand alone novels and a few trilogies mixed in.