How many is too many?

How many current works is too many?
Where do you draw the line at having too many stories published, the majority of which are ongoing and therefore may not be updated equally?

Please share your thoughts…

I think it depends. If all the ongoing stories are actually being updated regularly you can have 50 for all I care.

But if you have like 10 abandoned works, I’d probably recommend removing at least some of them. It doesn’t look good to have that many “dead” works on your profile as it can make readers uncertain about whether or not you actually ever finish anything.


As long as none of the stories lose their true voice, being muddled into one another, are being updated and continue to hold your passion for writing them, you’re good.

Once the character’s being to become more and more generic, losing that special voice they had, and once you have to force yourself to keep writing the other because your heart just isn’t in it anymore, It’s time to take a break and look at which story you truly want to tell.


I personally can’t divide my attention as an author, not between longer works anyway. So when I see that, I might question how much energy is being put into each work…But that’s just me. If the works are genuine and not gathering dust, it probably won’t matter to readers how many there are.

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I think this is such a good question. I was wrestling with it because I just began with 5 works right off the bat but I still have 10 under my belt.

I’m thinking if i can balance the 5 I do have, I’ll slowly increase month after month. Hope this helps!


Well, when you can’t update even a single story regularly then it’s too many.

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There’s no limit but I’d recommend not going above 3 WIPs just for sanity’s sake. The more popular your books get the more your readers will expect regular chapter updates and it gets difficult always coming up with a full quality chapter of content for a large amount of books. Like AWFrasier said, too, it looks bad to have abandoned works on your profile or a bunch of readers asking when you’re going to update a certain book because it’s been too long.

If you can’t update all of your stories once every two weeks at a minimum that’s where I’d draw the line.

I agree with the comments above.
From a reader POV how many you are writing doesn’t matter as long as the stories are getting regularly updated since they may not be reading all of your stories.

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It depends on how hard it is for you. If you’re honest with yourself and say that you can’t multi-task (at all), then anything over one story at a time may not be good for you. If you can multi-task and can only write so much, then anything above three or four. Otherwise, be honest with yourself and consider how many you have. If you can’t handle most of them, then put them all on hold and focus on one or very few stories.



I publish one story at a time. I have other things I’m outlining, gathering notes on, etc. but I only post one story at a time.

It’s better to finish one story at a time. A common problem I see is that others take on too much. They start too many things, and then choke.

Focus on one story at a time, finish it, then move onto the next. This is not only a lot easier, but your stories will turn out much better.

I’ve completed four books, and working on a fifth currently, probably won’t release the fifth until I get to the end.

It depends on your personal writing schedule and how well you manage having multiple projects going at once. You have to make the choice that works best for you. Readers like to know that a story they are reading is going to be completed (so if you have abandoned projects on your page you may want to reconsider this) :slight_smile:

If you believe that you can work on a couple of stories at once and do them well, then go for it. If, however, you believe you are likely to get distracted or overwhelmed, then I would start with one :slight_smile:

For me personally I struggle to keep a couple of stories going at the same time so I prefer to write and upload one at a time, while behind the scenes keeping notes for future stories and working on the outline for my next project.

You can have as many current works as you want when you know how to manage them. A lot of times the author has a number of books and they never update any of their books. Sometimes, there are authors who have only 2-3 books but they still have hard time updating their books and handling people who requesting them to update their works. There are also some authors who manage updating multiple books at once and authors who have only one book that they pay attention to. So generally speaking it’s better to have one book or two books, that way it can be easier to focus on the books and also update them regularly. But in the end it ultimately depends on the person’s capacity, if you if think you cannot handle updating multiple books at the same time; then you should probably focus on one work. If you think you can handle the pressure; then go for it.

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I like to work on one story at a time because I don’t usually have too much free time and I find myself getting confused with the plot lines, etc. But you could absolutely assign a day or few days in a week for each story and make a timetable that way.

This is my issue too! I have so many ideas saved in my Create area (Like… sooo many) but Im not sure if I want to risk putting them out now incase I don’t end up with time to work on them. Plus I have so many stories up already, all of which are my babies and therein I feel like I should focus on them… but the other stories are so tempting!

thank you! That is a really good point, I don’t want to end up with any dead works because it hurts both myself and readers if they get attached

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That’s a fear too, I don’t want my character types to overlap too much and become carbon copies of the same thing

there is an author with 72 works with all stories going greatly and with good amount of reads and her stories are awesome…so i guess it depends on how many u can write simultaneously as a writer without mixing up tje stories …

wait it’s 75…

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