How many reads is your story on?

I saw this thread in another genre and that got me thinking and curious on how the werewolf writers are doing.
So: at what views is your story???

Mine’s at 245 xD

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I don’t write in the paranormal genre but I’m writing a 1D fanfic and its reached 1.72k or something like that

Oh wauw!!! That’s really amazing

Hola! Como le hacen para conseguir lectores?? no puedo evitar sentirme frustrada jejeje hasta el momento he esctiro varios Oneshots, y mi más reciente no supera las 5 vistas :’)

a measly 31! but people say they like it and it has potential!

Then just keep going and the numbers will come!

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I haven’t updated my werewolf story in such a long time but its sitting at 517 at the moment

That’s cool!

Little Wolf is at 15k, Rogue Wolf at 7k, and Forced to Become at 1k. My others are incomplete but are all in the hundreds.

really good though!

400, but tbh it’s unfinished and I haven’t updated in a while, haha

Little Wolf has been complete for a few years, and completed books get more reads. It’s sequel, Brother Wolf, is getting close to 1k

Wauw! and nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I have a story that is sitting at almost 300 reads, I started a week ago what’s killing me is that none of the parts have stars or comments is that normal? I update daily because I was advised that’s a good thing or whenever possible, fix grammar mistakes and yet nothing I’m totally confused I know patience is key.

I’m not sure either tbh, it’s hard to get more ratings :frowning: I have to say that your views went up fast though, which is a good thing. At how many chapters are you and what does the chapter breakdown say? How many views on the first chapter and going to the next?

12 chapters and the first chapter has about 80 reads. The complete reads graph go-between 50- 90% The rest of the chapters are barely 12 reads to 35 the most recent. I go back update daily I don’t have an ending yet.

I would suggest to keep up that pace. People often look for completed stories, Or they start at chapter one, and keep it in a reading list so they can start reading more when you’ve written more, or at least that’s what I think happens. But I can’t promise that :frowning: I would be happy with 300 views on your first week, that’s a lot!

Mines at 109 (WSV)

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yeah, I am. Now I want to map out how I want the middle of my story to go since the first part is done. I should’ve joined Wattpad sooner not for the views but to share my stories sooner.

Good job!!!

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