How Many Stories Are You Currently Writing?




I’ve completed five novels in all. I plan to self-publish them someday. I’m currently writing three at the same time now.

The sixth novel I’m gradually writing because I’m doing research on the legal and medical aspect of the novel.

I’m writing the seventh novel much faster and I’m writing the eight novel at an average pace.

Anyway, I’m interested in how other writers develop their process, putting ideas together, how often you write, writing one or more novels, etc.

Let’s chat and create friendships! :smile:


Im actively writing 2 at the moment, with two others being developed.


A short horror story and the second part of my book series. But I’m a very slow writer.


i’m writing 3 books at the moment. they are all romance


2, A Korean Drama, and a vampire story


I’m working on one story at the moment. Working on one story at the time helps me focus more😊


This is what I should be doing lol. I started out writing one story at a time but then other ideas for other stories kept popping into my imagination and I got this urge to write those stories.


I’m writing three! I’ll just switch between them depending on my mood. Then, of course, I’ll come up with small little short stories, write them, and publish them on the side.


I totally understand that, because I’ve done that before. I got confused when I wrote more stories at once. Some time ago I was using the wrong name for a character, that name was in my other story😂


I am currently working on 21 books that are published to watt. I am not going to say how many I am working off of watt because it is a big number. xD


I’m currently writing six. I’m trying to finish one first because it’s a sequel and I’m about to complete the duology series. After that, I’ll work on the other five depending on which one I wanna write and am inspired to write. I really cannot keep myself limited. I also just can’t get my inspiration for new ideas to shut up.


Lost count.


Only working on one, which is also my first book on Wattpad. I would like to start others and even do have some ideas for them, but I think finishing my first book on here is the smarter choice. Just as @Dreamer9603 said, it helps me focus.


I am currently writing four novels right now. I write nearly everyday, sometimes more sometimes less depending how much time and energy I find myself having.


That’s awesome! Congrats! c:

I’ve completed four full-length novels in total, but I don’t plan on publishing any of them. :rofl: I feel like they’re not good enough. Haha. But I do have future projects that I plan on publishing someday. :wink:

Currently I’m revising one of those completed novels. I’ve been writing it offline for the last year or so, and I plan on posting it on here sometime this year. :blush: And, on top of that, I’m currently in the process of planning a four book series that I’ll be working on after revising my current project. c:

In what way, do you mean? :sweat_smile:

While the beginning and end, maybe even middle, comes to mind, I write chronologically—which also means that I plan chronologically. I like to be organized instead of having random ideas all over the place. So when I plan, I start from the beginning. I typically start where the plot begins, so I ask myself where that should be. Then I ask myself what happens after that. And so on.

When I was writing my novel, I tried to write 200 words a day. I typically wrote 300-900 words, though. c:


One. I can’t even think about anything else, let alone a 2d story :joy:


I tend to write several short stories while working on my novels. It helps to keep me focused on the longer work, since I tend to get a lot of ideas that pop up as I write.


I’m currently writing WIP #2, final edits for WIP #3 (but it’s finished), and I put WIP #3 on hold so I can finish #2 because it’s almost done.


Ughhhhh technically 7. looks sideways yeah I dunno man


I’ve completed 2 but I’m currently writing 1 and have 1 more completely planned out but not writing atm