How Many Stories Are You Currently Writing?



3-5 different ones not all of them are my main focus right now only about 2 are. But in total 3-5


I’m currently working on one. I write down the ideas I have for others though. I’m sure at some point I will start writing multiples at the same time. I just don’t have the focus to actively work on more than one at a time right now.




At the moment I have 6 stories in progress, but I’m only focused on 5 of them, and one of them is almost complete. I should be finished with the almost completed one by tonight. The other 4 are either 5 chapters in or halfway done. Oh and so far, I have 3 completed stories up.


… at a time


Damn, hearing others makes me look at mine like I need to put more effort in.


I’m writing 5ish books right now, I can see how I never get anything done.


Not for me. xD


I have one that I’m actively writing with two on the backburner. I also have to get some serious editing done for the book I finished writing back in December


Maybe I’ll stick to one some day lol but I have to finish what I’ve written so far.


Lol. I have only ever had the one story. When completed it will be 5 books and I’ve started on the sequel series. But no, my creativity is only for one very long story.


I started one and put it on hold, and now started a new one :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes I lose interest in my own story so till inspiration strikes, I hit pause on them


Two, both are fantasy but one is a Fantasy adventure story and the other is a Fantasy murder mystery


I love murder mysteries.


Me too. :slight_smile: They have such interesting twists and turns, and writing the red herrings can be so fun. :smiley:


Yess same here!
I haven’t found many good ones here on wattpad


My love for murder mysteries comes strongly from series, I would love to read one though, a good one that isn’t predictable, I’ve gotten quite bored of series ones always being so cliché and predictable.


Twists are the bomb, my weakness is cliffhangers just waiting for an answer or something to be solved/explain gets me.


I’m currently writing nine. Two of which aren’t on here yet. But before I start writing something I always start planning out some things that I want to happen in the book.


I’m working on one story, but I’m getting bored of it so I’m thinking of starting another.