How Many Stories Are You Currently Writing?



Just one. When it comes to stories I always have so many different novel ideas but unfortunately I am not a capable multitasker. If I were to try to write multiple stories at once, I would inevitably lean towards one, and completely discard the others…


I’m writing 1 novella and drafting the second novel in my series. They’re in the same series, so I stay in the same world and don’t get sidetracked. If I were to write two different novels from different worlds I think my head would explode, lol. I’d get confused about what soundtrack goes where, get an idea for one book and then accidentally write it into the other, etc. I think I’d go insane, lmao. The reason it works with my novella and novel is that I know how the novella ends, and how my 2nd novel begins. All of it is outlined in my head, lol.


I’m technically writing one novella which is a 60,000 word fanfiction (it feels weird calling it fanfiction, it’s probably the closest you can get to having an original work in a fandom, but it is technically fiction). But I have ideas for a sequel and the instalment after that, and I have a children’s book project sitting on the back burner.

It’s self indulgent. I like it.


1 for now: a psychological fiction that involves cannibalism


I’m currently working on (I’m 18 chapters in) my first “story” which I feel in my bones will lead into at least 2 more. I’ve only published the first few chapters on here to get a bit of feedback. I still have some bugs I need to work and am in desperate need of help with my cover. Anyone willing to help a newbie?


I’m only working on one. I have ideas for two others and when a quote or idea hits me, I’ll add it to my drafts. But I don’t actively write on more than one.


Beforehours has a shop on here called after hours she might be able to help.


I’m a one story at a time kind of dude. I like to focus on one job at a time.

I have two blighted garbage heaps posted (no plans to revisit those) one story in the works and one completed decent story that I’ll be editing once I finish this new piece


Just finished writing my second story, so taking a break in between writing and rewriting my first story. I won’t be rewriting the second story because I’m 99% happy with the flow. But I might add more scenes.

So I’ll be working on one story plus a rewrite here in the next few weeks.


One, because this one is so extraordinarily complex that it has pretty much taken over my entire life.


Thank you! I just kept messing around with different website and found a good one for my most basic needs so I have a “working” cover for now.

Thanks again!


I’m writing the 3rd and final part in one series, the 1st and 2nd in another and seem to have accidentally started yet another that’s SciFi where the others are fantasy!
I needed to get the 3rd one started to make sure I’d got the hooks in the first two I’d need to complete the story arc before trying to get them published. The second series involve a favourite character and put out some ideas I think of as important. The first one in that got stalled, trying to build multiple characters I wasn’t familiar with. Then I got a lovely idea for what would happen next so got started on that…
Finally, I wrote something as a bit of a writing exercise, published it for comments and then started getting pestered (in the nicest of ways) for ‘what happens next’…




I rarely have a clue where a story is going when it starts. One series ended up with a spreadsheet showing who was doing what when, as that was the only way I could ensure everything happened at the right time and all the threads came together at the climax. That’s an extreme example, though. Political intrigue and about a dozen plot-lines all interwoven.


I have been writing for years and love the freedom it allows for me to get things off my mind and on to “paper.” I have been working on a novel for a while and saw this site advertised and it’s very intriguing. I would like to get into the habit of writing at least 300 words per day. I admire the posts I’ve seen where people are working on two to three novels at a time!


What a great idea! I love the idea of working on two to three stories at a time depending on my mood! Why have I never thought of that?? You’re brilliant!




unless you have chocolate-


Thank you for this post! I would love to chat with other writers of like mind and learn and mold my craft as I do so! Why haven’t I found this site some time ago! LOL!
I’m still trying to figure out how to use the platform here and start posting chapters of my books as I work on it. I hope I found the right site to do so!


zero right now.


wellllll i’m working on 2 fanfictions? does that count? :,)

i plan to start mAYBE writing an actual novel someday… i have LOADS of ideas but they never fit just quite right, rip me. once i find my motivation… i think i lost it somewhere, no idea where though…