How Many Stories Are You Currently Writing?



Not really. xD


Writing one book currently. It is a trilogy.

“Restoration”-Book 1

“Restoration: Dark Days”- Book 2

“Restoration: The Great War”- Book 3

This has many genres, but the elements it focuses specifically on are morals and principles. It also has romance elements, and identifies as action and adventure. The third book is in its final stages currently. I have released I believe six chapters to wattpad while I am on chapter 20 in the making. I release a new chapter now and then after I have a considerable pace in my writing where as people won’t have to wait as much. When the book is complete, I release all the chapters as fast as I can.

The story also has much tragic elements. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say much about it. Though the general idea is that. Restoration is the ending of the story. Restoration: Dark Days” is the prequel, and “Restoration: The Great War” is a sequel to the prequel. The third book connects elements of book one and book two. It explains how events came to be in book one.

It’s a bit complicated, and would be easier if you read it for yourself. Though I hope this helps to clarify.

Update- The book was completed earlier today


Like that:facepunch::facepunch::pray::clap::clap:



I joined Wattpad in 2014 and I enjoy the site. I went away for a while but I’m back. If you need advice and want to chat about Wattpad ,writing, whatever–I’ll love to help!


way too many for me to personally manage, like sixteen I think


Currently, I’m concentrating my efforts on one story, though it’s been slow-going as of late.


I’m writing only one story at the moment. I have been busy with University also don’t want to pressure myself.

How do you manage to write so many at once? o.o


I am currently writing 2 stories on wattpad and one is on hold.
Other than that I am writing 2 screenplays which have a deadline for submission.


I started off with one story but I went back and forth with other ideas and take my time with each story.


For the most part, I’m working on one. I have tonnes of ideas planned and partly-planned, but Nightfire and eventually the rest of the series has all my attention at the moment; partly due to the complexity of it compared to anything else I’ve tried before and partly because I just love it too much to work on anything else right now. And I don’t get ideas like that often, so I’m just making the most of it. I chip away at a second project behind the scenes if I’m really not feeling like writing something that ‘matters’, but most of the time I’m only working on one.

I am working up to doing a comic, though, the world of which I will eventually write novels in, and since both my writing project and the comic project are set in two different fantasy worlds I’ve made up myself, trying to juggle those things with extra books feels like asking for trouble :joy:


At the moment I writing on just one Fanfiction.


At the moment, there’s two I’m currently writing. And then there’s another I’ll never publish.


So many replies. So I’m not the only one working on multiple books. lol


I’m currently writing two books on here, one I actually already finished in a notebook and another that I’m kind of just doing on the fly, while planning out my next one. I only have that one in my head, but I’ve got a pretty good portion of it planned out already!


I’m working on about 6 right now, but I’m also working on 2 that I can’t publish yet because of where the published stories are in my storyline. I also hop here and there with little mini-stories, quite a few of them end up in my oneshot collection book.


Hi Krystie, I working on my first one too. Are you writing them a chapter at a time here on Wattpad? Write as you go and gain feedback from readers? Sounds like a great plan to me! I would like to reach what your writing!


I’m actually only currently writing one. It’s very unlike me. But it’s for NaNo and apparently winning something drives me to be able to only focus on one story.

Usually I have at least three stories I work on, rotating between them.


Hey! Oh, what’s your book about?

Yes, I am!

Well, that is the plan at least. There isn’t much (or any actually) feedback yet. It takes time after all.

Oh, thank you!


Technically working on 4, with many more being thought up.

I am currently working on my first fantasy book, which has been taking the most of my attention. I regularly update my poetry book each time the mood strikes me, which is at least 2-3 times a week. I’ve been editing and releasing chapters of my (completed) horror story. Also lightly working on a short story collection of horror stories. As for the many other stories in my drafts, I mostly just take a few moments to daydream and jot down a few notes and ideas for them.


I’m writing one.

Not very frequently or well at all but it still counts.

School is a killer for my free time.