How many successfull self-published writers out there?

Hello. I hope everyone is staying safe out there. I’ve been a part of the Wattpad community for quite some time although I took a hiatus before returning. From this forum there a nice mix of both indie writers and those that publish traditionally that have given incredibly helpful advice on this forum (Michael Sullivan is one of many). Throughout my own self-publishing venture it’s a been a humbling experience to learn and grow as well as inspire other writers like myself. I want to know which self-published writers here are able to make a comfortable living from their writing? I understand success is relative but for simplicity sake I would like to know who is able to write full-time from their writing and do so comfortably (e.g. pay their bills).

For those writers out there I would love to conduct a brief interview on my blog and learn how you were able to achieve your goals. I will not post links to my blog in this space but you can private message me and I can you send you a list of questions I’m thinking of asking.

I’m a full-time self-published writer, Jonas, and I make a decent living doing it.


Nice! I knew you were self-published but it’s cool to know you’re able to do it full-time and make good money from it. I only write part-time. While I don’t have any immediate plans to make writing a full-time venture it’s encouraging to know others like yourself are able to make writing a viable career path.

That’s amazing. Congratulations! Do you have to promote a lot and how? I’m considering this seriously so it would help to know the work required other than making sure the writing is the best I can make it. Is it harder or easier to get reads around here lol

I pay for cost-per-click advertising. Unless you publish and release at a really high rate, ads are necessary to keep your books in front of readers. Currently Facebook is the best performing platform for me. The ad dashboards are really easy to use - you can make up an ad using free web software like Canva and they give you a lot of metrics to track effectiveness. Trial and error until you find a profitable combination.

I would say it’s a lot harder to get readers to drop money on your books than getting them to read them here, although there are more avenues for marketing with self-publishing.

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I will just say here:

It takes money to make money.

Ads are essential.

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