How often do the ranks update?



How often do the ranks update? They seem frozen at the moment. Sometimes they seem to change every 3 days and sometimes they are stuck for like 1-2 weeks. Is that a part of the algorithm or is Wattpad constantly adjusting it?


I’ve noticed this as well - one of my books also lost all its rankings despite having readers :woman_shrugging: I’m guessing it’s to do with the new system maybe?


Older Wattpaders say the system is simply shit and never really worked perfectly. I guess we die :woman_shrugging:


I think it used to update daily at around the same time with the old genre rankings, because I remember that I used to schedule my updates to try and get best out of the rankings :thinking: I can’t remember if this was with the one genre or two genres system though :woman_shrugging: but it did used to be a lot more predictable timewise


Thanks for the replies!

I know when I first got here it updated like every 3 days. The last few months it’s been very unreliable.


What determines the rankings exactly?


I am not 100% certain I know this answer. But from what I’ve gathered, it’s an algorithm that no one knows. Essentially they say they keep it unknown so people can’t game it.

Although, posting regularly, getting lots of votes/comments/reads are the key ticket to getting higher in the ranks.

It seems like they are editing it currently and have been for a few months, but I can’t confirm that. That’s just what I’ve noticed based on the rankings of my stories.


I would love to hear what goes into determining the rankings as well. I went from #6 to #223 in one week. Of course, I tell myself the numbers don’t matter…


In truth the numbers don’t accurately reflect a book’s success, but I do know that if I can snag a higher ranking in a category my story has more of a chance to get noticed.

I have a high ranking in a few categories, and then I’m at the bottom in others. It’s very confusing!


I was pretty new to Wattpad/ inactive when it was the two genres ranking system but I think it was updated every day (or at least every other) if I’m not mistaken?

Hard to understand how the ranking system works tbh :joy: things that seem help a lot are comments and reading list adds (both public and private) from my personal experience :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure what’s happening with the ranking system. I do know that before they switched the system I updated almost every other day. Was very active with commenting in the stories. It was a real push to get to number one with updating and commenting. But now. It’s all gone. There’s no need to update constantly because it’s tag ranking instead of the old ranking. I only update now once a month instead of three days a week because it doesn’t make any difference how well the book does in the genre I’m in. I can get 12,000 reads on a chapter and it drops me lower. So no matter what I do, there is no achieving high in the genre anymore. So instead of pushing and putting out chapters, I take my time. Update when I can and be happy with that.


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I have no clue! I’ve been updating my books regularly for a while now. At one point, my vampire book was #35 in vampire romance, next day it dropped to 105 or something like that. Hasn’t moved since. At this point I just update for me readers and myself. Rank is broken.


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It’s a Known Issue and the Wattpad staff are working on it. You can read this article for more info-

You can read this article for more info -




It just feels deflating putting all that hard work into a chapter and then to have that happen. Also I read somewhere in one of these threads that someone said that when they engage a lot with their readers it drops their stories more in the ranks. Not sure if this is true or a glitch as well but it’s really hard to look forward to see how well the story is doing for this to happen. We spend a lot of time on our art, our work. It’s really is frustrating when this happens.


There’s definitely a lot of issues with the rankings.

And as much as others want to say they don’t matter, they really do if you want your story to gain traction. Having them float at the bottom doesn’t do much, and it is frustrating when you try everything to get them up higher and the ranking system seems to be drunk half the time lol

I really hope they can figure out how to work on them. They are a huge part of the site and an integral part to authors gaining recognition.


Exactly. It does matter. It really does. You work hard and you climb up. You gain reads, you gain readers, you build your community. You are creating your profile. This is all the benefits of climbing upwards. Your story has a chance to be seen instead of buried by the front page that only shows all the paid stories you can buy. You go to the genre where everyone has a true chance to rise and let their story be show cased.

I get you. I feel you.