How often do the ranks update?



I totally agree. And the new users who upload their first works and tag them and then facing the problem no-one finds their stories, because of the system, doesn’t matter if they did the tagging perfectly - the system doesn’t show the new works. At all. It’s discouraging a lot.


It is discouraging that’s why I’m not really updating as I did before. It’s sad actually. Everyone suffers with things not being fixed or working properly. Writers suffer, readers suffer. We all suffer and feel the effect of this.


I was wondering about this too. The ranking system has been broken since the tag rankings started. They don’t update the ranks in a fixed timing.

I also heard about “the interaction with the readers can lower your ranking” thing. I am still in shock! I hope it’s not true or it can be changed because I love interacting with the readers. I reply to almost everyone!


It has been terrible since the first change to the ranking system to tags. I really hope it’s not true about reader author interaction. I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens.


Just ignore them. The rankings are hardly correct to begin with.


Here! Yes, I vanished completely off the Fantasy Hot List after being 43rd, and this was after receiving more than 121 comments and over 50 votes. I did reply to some of those comments and sincerely hope it’s just a glitch. If it’s not, we need to make our voices heard that this algorithm punishes writers for responding to readers.

And I noticed the rankings dipped twice after I responded to comments.


That seems like a simplistic idea but it’s hard not to. I’m speaking from my experience. It’s hard to ignore the ranks. It gets your books seen, your profile looked at. It grows your community. For me at least. Ranking is important part of my platform. It’s motivational as well. It gives me that push that I need to reach a goal.


I hope this is not the way it will be. That’s a scary thought to be pushed down for interacting with readers.


A few other Wattpaders like @TheMCOfficial have also noticed rankings dipping after replying to comments.


I hope it’s a glitch.


This is just so true. I don’t have much to add as you put it perfectly!!! this is exactly how I feel. And so I wish the ranks/tags weren’t so obfuscated. It’s so frustrating that one of the most important aspects for climbing up on this site is always having issues and we know so little about


Yes and no.

Are you watching the ranks to validate how popular your book is? Then yes you will never get an accruate representation as you are right, they are often not correct.

But are you an author trying to build a platform on Wattpad? Then you can’t ignore them. They are one of the biggest factors to getting your book noticed on this site. So saying to ignore them is to say “Ignore trying to build a platform.” It’s just frustrating that one of the best methods for exposure is broken


My guess is that the algorithm works as you said. I have one story I update very often (legit multiple times a week) and it gets readers and votes and comments very quickly. I usually have readers who just wait for updates. I think a combination of getting votes and reads at a good amount along with updating often really decides a ranking… This book is currently #1 in two of its tags and has been for nearly a month (which is about when I started getting a huge amount of readers with votes alongside my already frequent schedule).

Just my thoughts.


It is confusing.

Before I had to unpubish a story (it had 20 reads and somehow ranked #27. I have it back up, six chapters and 65 views it’s #85.

I’m going to keep going either way. It’s just confusing as heck.


On November it updated once a week, on Tuesdays -for sure-. But by the beginning of December it started to change, if I recall correctly it’s changed two times in twenty days, and not really changed. The last update they made makes comment worth more than votes, so the ranking changed because of that. The little info I have on my disposal is scarce, I speak from my experience. I’ve been told that by March it will work again.


I wish I could say more, but I’ve taken down my stories and won’t be able to follow the rankings update no more. Hope they solve it sooner, so that you all get the credit you deserve for working so hard :slight_smile:


And yet there seem to some stories very highly ranked that haven’t been updated or commented on for ages.


I am here for the grant


ditto. I’m doing all the ‘right things’ - uploading regularly, active on other stories, reading, etc. - and my book has barely gotten any traction. the feedback I’ve received has been positive, so I’m confident that it’s an exposure issue, not a content issue. very frustrating.


I am still in the dark, because I do not receive any feedbacks at all… So i just dunno if I am a shit writer or it happens because of the shit system xD