How often do the ranks update?



No, that’s not true.

A person has a book at #4 in a large subcategory and they haven’t updated or been active for over 6 months. Also, their book isn’t getting many new views or votes, basically frozen.

Idk back then I used to be in the top ten, but now its like I never get over #700 rank. I tend to update every weekend, so I know its not something from my end that’s wrong. Tbh its disheartening to see some people rank up without doing anything while I’m typing at insane paces, have much more views, votes, and comments, but still rank too low and just stuck down there.

I’m coming to believe that it has something to do with the Mature rating on my story, which is on. Maybe wattpad is punishing books for being mature rated.


No, they don’t. Mature stories can be ranked.
According to the Story Rankings FAQ-
What is Story Ranking?

Story ranking is a way to give great stories the recognition they deserve. It also helps readers discover new content on Wattpad. Now stories are able to rank on multiple lists at the same time, and writers can see their ‘most impressive’ ranking at the very top of the story rankings page. Also, stories that are rated mature can be ranked on tag pages as well.

You can read the full article here -


I never said that Mature stories can’t be ranked.
What I meant to say is that mature stories might be getting less favored by wattpad, resulting in a lower ranking than expected.

You seem to have a complex of being right all the time, and telling others they’re wrong. Get a reality check. -_-


I’ve never called out or told anyone that they’re wrong. Please do not misunderstand me. I’ve used the Help pages in all my answers.

Mature stories are meant for 17+ audience. And they have tools in place to ensure that they get read by the correct age groups. That’s why they don’t pop up in search to the 13-16 yr users.
According to the Content Guidelines-
Mature Rating

Mature stories are intended for an audience that is 17 and up. There are restrictions on discovering Mature stories on Wattpad that help ensure they reach the correct audience.
Using the mature tag in search, we are directed to 72K stories.

The After series by @imaginator1D is mature and it has millions of reads.


Well, they’d have less readership, so perhaps that’s why. I have two fan fics on the same subject, one mature at 6K reads, the other not mature at 32K reads. I put them both up at the same time.


I’ll tell you what there are many stories on here that should be mature but aren’t. One in particular was pornographic and I reported it. But it’s still up there for 13 year olds to read.


That just motivates others to leave the mature rating off. Seems plain sad that Wattpad doesn’t care much about it at all.


Exactly. I’m like…why the hell do I have to put a mature tab on mine when it’s no where near as graphic or porno than others?


@MarinaM56 @awesomeasim

I’ve been wondering if a mature rating really does hurt or not. I mean I see that their official section on mature stories says it won’t, but of course it will say that. Doesn’t meant that their algorithms won’t hurt it, because their algorithms mess up all the time. And I wonder if Wattpad prefers non-mature stories due to the younger audience that is on here.

I am about to publish one story that I want to write some mature scenes into, but I think I might leave them out so my story doesn’t get hindered on here. It kind if stinks that it would.


I have only mature stories that I tried (for an experiment) to unrate. My reads actually went down - and when I put the rating back on it went up again. (might be coincidental, but I thought it was pretty interesting)

My second biggest demographic is also 13-17-year-olds which the mature rating is trying to prevent from reading my books, but they find them anyways. It’s not like they can’t read them - they just can’t find them in the search engine. Which isn’t a big loss since I can’t even find my own books through the search engine. It’s really bad.

So far, I haven’t felt any downsides to having the mature rating on. It didn’t hurt my chances at getting featured nor getting Wattys Shortlisted. That’s just me though, but I thought it was worth me chiming in.


How many underage kids on here don’t own up to that when they register?


Put it this way. My fanfic without mature content has 33K reads so far. The same fanfic, rated mature, has 6K reads. I posted them both on within weeks of each other. Says it all really.


Own up to what? Their age? If they haven’t put in their age, it would show as “private” I think.

I have 21% in “private” - 23% in 13-17 and 42% in 18-25 on my most popular book.

So they’re definitely reading the mature works.


Which means they’re free to read the mature stuff. So it’s kind of defeats the object of WP trying to keep that stuff away from minors.

My mature fanfic has 36 percent 13 to 18. 40 percent 18 to 25. 18 percent private. 6 percent over 25. So minors are clearly reading it and lots of 'em. In spite of it being rated as mature.

I have 38 percent 13 to 18 reading the none mature. So that’s not much difference.


Yeppers. The only place the mature rating is keeping people from finding the books is in the search engine - but if you’ve never relied on the search engine for people to find your books, you’re all good.

Besides, they can still pop up in the recommendations, featured list, reading lists on ambassador run profiles or common user profiles, on your own profile, recommendations inside of other books, the news feed… I think it serves more as a warning at this point :joy:


That’s all really interesting information you have given out!!

So how do mature stories fair on the site with things like trying to get into the Next or Published program? I don’t see Wattpad directly supporting a lot of/if any, mature stories. They’re all non-mature.


Re: Frequency of ranking updates. I think it’s pretty random at this point. A couple weeks ago it seemed to update at the same time for like two or three days in a row. Once it updated twice in less than 24 hours. Then it froze for like a week. And then it just updated yesterday at a different time than before. And the main genre rankings don’t seem to update at the same time or at the same frequency as the tag rankings. Maybe the updates are just done manually by an employee who like presses a button whenever they feel like it? Seriously. There’s probably a hedgehog in a cage that they’ve trained to press the button, and it only does so when it’s in a good mood. :-):joy:


Haha! No kidding!


The ranks have disappeared :cold_sweat:


As of right now, there is an issue with the Ranking system so ranks may remain stoic for a little while whilst the issue is fixed. The fix itself is not a simple one, hence why it has taken so long to fix. More information can be found here:

In general, there was no set release for how often tags change throughout a day or a week. More information on the tag system in general can be found here: