how petty would it be to make opinionated essays about popular wattpad books and dedicate them to the author?

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What could you possibly gain by that?


1 to highest or lowest?

And @OmaimaAkbar no clue


It depends on what your ‘opinionated essays’ is.

If it’s something like a pro and con in a good critique kind of way not harassment then it might be ok. But this is a warning you should ALWAYS be aware.

The author might not handle it or consent at all and asking permission sometimes can be good.

The fans. These days they’re the ones who are super sensitive (or some) so you should be very careful not to piss them off. That includes anyone saying something about BTS. Yeah, I’m looking at you whoever is reading this :joy:

But also agree with @OmaimaAkbar


@OmaimaAkbar i get to imitate video essayists, but without having to talk or edit or any hard stuff.

@Calmwolf i think 10 is pettiest and 1 is not pettiest


Yeah. But I would love to know you definition of ‘opinionated’. If it is helpful critique. Makes sense. If it is just your ‘views’ about the stories. Then, honestly, don’t.


its more of a pro and con thing


How popular are we talking about? At least a million reads? Or lower?


yes, just views. but like. very pretentious views. enough to make them an essay.

o y not?


idk yet.


If you have something postive to say about the stories. Then I don’t think it is a bad idea.

But do read what @Angelic_Vamp has said. You’ll have to be careful and you will need to be ready to face some backlash.



im totally ready, i saved up to buy bearskin.


But I still don’t see the point of it.


I think I see the point. Doing it would bring enjoyment to @phvcyv


i like making essay-ish things

and yh what lumi said, sort of.


No I get that. As long as it is not on the cost of others. If they are willing to take consent and not be too harsh. Then it is fine.

Nothing against you @phvcyv :heart: You do you.


All I can say is


Like others said it depends on the opinion and if it was asked for or not. If you’re doing it strictly because you didn’t like the book and want to attack it, tread carefully. That would border a very fine line of bullying. If the author consents to it as a review type thing then go for it.

I would definitely advise against attacking the writer and/or the book just because you didn’t like it.


Just my $.02:

If you’re going to do it, be sure that you actually have grounds to stand on when you do it. No slandering, unwarranted accusations, name calling, etc.

Like, if you call out a story for romanticizing suicide, make sure you can actually back it up with things like why one (aka you) might think it’s romanticizing suicide.

As someone who has written an “essay” that criticized a specific user, it is, as others have said, a very fine line to walk. The rant book I had was removed for “bullying,” even tho it was only two parts out of like ten. And no, I did not name them, didn’t insult them or their work, slander them, didn’t share PMs, etc. And if I sound salty, it’s because 1) they removed the book without informing me and 2) it was only over two parts. You’d think they’d have the ability to remove specific parts..

And yes, I do think this would be petty as hell.
But fuckin’ A, I’m a pretty petty person so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Wattpad does have this ability. I know because I had one part of my rant book removed for identifying personal information. Said personal information was my fake name I had for a guy who sexually harassed me at work.

As for the thread in general. That is petty as hell… do it anyway. Cause is correct