How practical or impractical would a werewolf mount be?


I know there would be a major few issues such as keeping the werewolf in that form, braking the werewolf into becoming a mount.

What do you think?


I have characters riding Werewolves for a bit. I imagine it being like riding a horse just a lot more fur. Then again, my werewolves shift into wolves that are 6ft and over.


Yeah, a lot more fur and a lot more teeth. The werewolf in my story is twice of the size of a human so a rider would be a good fit.


They could ask? xD

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I think if you’ve worked it out and it makes sense then do it? The questions that come to my mind are why do they rise werewolves and not other animals that would be easier to ride? How big are the werewolves compared to an animal readers might know (more of a question to determine how someone would sit on it), they could make them train to increase endurance in werewolf form or be given a herb or potion that let’s them sustain that form?

That’s just what comes to my mind, not sure if that’s helpful :slight_smile:

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In my stories, the wolf weighs the same as the man he was. I have one scene where a girl rides a wolf. She’s thirteen, he’s a bodybuilder. Honestly though, it would be no different than a man carrying someone on his back, as long as the rider kept their legs behind them.

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In my story the werewolf is twice the size of a human and can run very fast on all fours.


The question then is, is the wolf form of the werewolf still the intelligent man inside, or mindless beast. The man need only cooperate. The beast would need to be tamed, depending on the author’s take on the beast.

In mine, the man is present no matter the form, but if the brain also changes, the man thinks as a wolf.


Depends on the werewolf in question I guess. How much human/beast is he?


I could share a link to relevant artwork, but it’s probably somewhere around R-rated. So not suitable for Wattpad forums.

That said, it just plain depends on how the author does werewolves. In some works the weres are up to nine feet tall built in roughly humanoid style (but fuzzy with a wolf head and digitigrade feet) and far bulkier, even in proportion, than the human forms. If the werewolf is a hulking huge monster, somebody could be on his (or her) back.

There was a movie a few years ago that “re-imagined” Little Red Riding Hood - in the absolutely most cliche way it could possibly be done, except the “hunter” was a much bigger pretentious abusive power-tripping asshole than expected. Anyway, their wolf was of course a werewolf, and it was wolf-shaped and the size of a horse.

I think all you need if your transformations allow the shifter to pick up or lose body mass from nowhere, is basic cooperation between the were and the rider.

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The werewolf is a huge hulking monster yes. Out of curiosity, could you tell me where to find said artwork please?


I sent you a private message. Not sure how the moderators would take it if I posted a link here in the forums.


Well… I’ve got a dirty mind…


That’s fine. Share it with the class :slight_smile:


If you say so:



Not quite what I had in mind.


Reading werewolf mount my thoughts just went to this one:

Yes, it’s old and I still love it!

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All you have to do is blur as if it’s a spoiler :wink:


If you’ve watched Lord of the Rings, the orcs ride on wargs.