how to ask someone for permission to make a fan fiction AND make money from it.

I have a friend that wrote a book based on the “Ginger Snaps” series and she wants to make it as a book but she doesn’t know how to ask for permission. Can anyone give me help so I can help her? she doesn’t have it on Wattpad and isn’t interested in putting it up on here.

She also doesn’t have an account on here.

She’ll have to somehow get access to the IP. Which is very unlikely if she wasn’t hired to write it.

Making money from fanfiction is generally very unlikely unless you go the “50 Shades” way and change all the names and make it into an original piece of work. It has happened with some Star Wars fanfics, but I’m not sure if the author was commissioned to write them or if the company that owns Star Wars bought the books and then published them.


What an “IP”?

What she wrote was about the sister that formed into a werewolf fully and was locked in a basement had started becoming aware of who and what she really is and the person who locked her up started wondering on how to remove the curse from people that is the werewolf part that is inside of them. She’s still working on it. But yeah it’s not “Exactly” the same.

Intertellectual property.

If there is any relation to Ginger Snaps, it’s probably a no-go.

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do you have any tips on how to make it “Less” the same? i think after what you told me ill explain to her to change it more but to her own “Original” desires.

Abandon everything that was nicked from Ginger Snaps, would be my advice.


They would have change the names, location, ages of character, (maybe move it out Halloween and) dates. Werewolf transformations are pretty common in genre horror so you are safe there.

Once again, I get to plug this episode of my favourite writing podcast, which is all about how you get paid to write fanfiction if you want it to be an official story and not go the Fifty Shades of Grey route:

The TL;DR version is that you first become known as a writer of stories that are similar in style or tone or subject matter to the IP. Then, when the franchise owner is thinking of commissioning another series of tie-in stories, your name will be one that comes up in their meetings. Or, your agent will have heard about this new series, and will put your name forward.

I agree with precisely all of the above.

Though I have to add, the reason why 50 Shades worked as a published fanfiction is because it was set in an alternate universe. It is not just Twilight with the names changed, it already had it’s own world. Like as Jenny Nicholson put it: “Your fanfiction can’t be your book.”

But who knows, times are changing and this is something you can do now. Especially since I know nothing about what your friend has written. So I’d say give her the aforementioned advise and try changing names, locations, trademarked things if necessary. If anything is up with, an editor usually notices.

Ginger Snaps is actually one of my favorite horror trilogies. That being said, thus is vague enough that if you change the names and location, and maybe any lines from the movie if there are any in the fic, youd be good to go. GS pretty much utilizes most elements of the werewolf genre that don’t particularly belong to any one thing, so it would take minimum effort to change it up.

“Published” fanfiction is called a licensed tie-in novel. Licensed is the key part of that. Your friend would have to find the owner of the IP and license the right to publish a tie-in novel. Since Ginger Snaps is a movie, the IP is owned by one of the studios that produced it (not the writer).

If they agreed to license it:

  • It would cost her thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • They would require control of the content – what she could and couldn’t do – and they might even outline the novel.
  • They would license to her only if she is a traditionally published writer with other books in the horror genre.

In other words, the chances of that happening are pretty much nil unless they decided to grant an open license to all novelists, like Star Trek did in the 70s.


I did some research on the trilogy and it was filmed in Canada. You and everyone else are right because different setting, but the main characters names are the same and a general idea on just like any werewolf story/movie/TV show. I’m gonna have to tell her what she’ll hate to hear.

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It’s a shame to hear that. But as I said before, I don’t know much about the fanfiction or material she has written about so I can only tell what I know.

I still wish her the best of luck though, a lot of authors start out writing fanfiction and I’m sure she’s no different. Just keep on writin’.

She’ll definitely need to change the characters names and change the plot some more, right?

If fifty shades was fan fiction how did they get away with it?

50 Shades of Grey was set in an alternate universe. It was a fanfiction originally called “Masters of the Universe” by Snowqueens Icedragon on

Instead of Edward being a vampire, he was a billionaire and Bella had to interview him for a job or something like that. So all supernatural elements that were present in Twilight, were already removed within the fanfic.

Oh! Okay, thanks :open_mouth:.

how can she make the book different from the trilogy of “Ginger Snaps”? Like something that won’t get her into trouble. The setting is Valentines day in upstate NY.

I can’t really say, sorry! I am not familiar with Ginger Snaps.