how to convert files on KDP??

I noticed my book a bit confusing. How can I fix it?

What do you mean it is confusing? What format did you upload to KDP? I always upload an ePub after I have checked it on my device.

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The ebook or the Look Inside?

I’ve been having problems with the formatting in Look Inside. When I published my latest novel, The Breeder, the formatting in the Look Inside was messed up. Spacing between lines was wrong and other formatting problems. Yet when I looked at it with Amazon’s Preview it was fine. I spoke to someone from their Customer Support and she sent a message to the Look Inside technical team. They fixed it within 2 hours.

Then I went to one of my other novels, High School Massacre, and added the new novel title to the section on the cover page called “Books by S.W. Blayde.” While I was at it, I also changed the formatting of the manuscript (making the novel titles hot links, smaller paragraph indent (.5 to .3), left justify rather than justified, etc.). After I republished, the Look Inside was messed up. Some changes worked, but others didn’t, and some plain test was blue and underlined as if it were hot links but it wasn’t. Three Customer Service people said it looked good on their end. One even emailed me a screenshot to prove it. But it was wrong on my Mac and also on my wife’s Mac. The fourth person I spoke to fixed it and now it’s good.

So the Look Inside isn’t simply taking the 1st 10% of your ebook and displaying it. It goes through its own formatting which doesn’t seem to be bulletproof.

btw, I get something totally different when looking at it on my iPhone. None of the changes show.

You still haven’t explained what doesn’t look right - is it when you view it on your device, the sample on Amazon or something else?

Did you download and review the file before you published it or has this occurred subsequently?

After it was published, it started showed problems. Plus I’m about to publish a book which is going to be brought up soon by Halloween this year. Like each chapter doesn’t end apart from each other.

Do you mean chapters aren’t starting on a new page?

How did you format the word doc - did you use a heading to delineate the start of each chapter so the converter knew what to pull for the TOC?

TOC? I didn’t see anything wrong until recently.

I’m PMING you so it’s less confusing.

Table of contents. It is correctly showing all the chapters?

Yes, but I’s just annoying to look at…