How to Describe Elf Ears?

I’m trying to describe a character that has pointy ears in a certain story of mine; ears that are kinda like those of the Elves. But “pointy ears” is the only thing I can think of and it’s overused. Does anyone have other ways to describe such ears :eyes: ?

Lengthy? Elongated? Tapered?


Knife-ears is what they use in Dragon Age to be derogatory. Leaf shaped? Long ears? Just anything that also alludes to “pointy” really.


I like tapered. That didn’t even cross my mind. What about something like…

My eyes traveled the length of his ears, neatly shaped into fine points.


Sharp perhaps. Tapered is probably the best sounding.


@Crimson-Gemini might be able to help you with this.

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Slanted, elongated, tapering into pointed tips.

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I write about elves too. “Tapered” is my go-to. Once you say “elf” once most readers get the image so there’s no need to constantly describe them. Also “angled”, “pointed”, “elf-like” and similar synonyms. Check out it is awesome.


I like to imagine the elves’ term for shemlen ears is fist-ear. XD

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I always go with arrow tipped when I describe them.

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Several of my charcters have pointed ears and I agree. “pointy ears” is so overused. I use something along the lines of, ‘the tips curved into razor sharp points’. But like someone else said, most poeple get the fact elves have pointy ears so there’s no need to constantly mention it.

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Sharp, fierce, pointed, spiked, peaked. Maybe one of those?


Any sentence that mentions the tips of his or her ears would be a giveaway. You could say they’re the same shape as the ears of some familiar pointy-eared species like horses.

I like the idea of them being a lot more mobile than human ears - turning to follow sounds, pinning back close to the skull when angry or scared, flaring forward when intent on examining something closely, drooping when exhausted or sad, etc… I mean, if they’re a different shape than human ears, it’s probably because they are used differently than human ears.

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Which way do they point? That is something you need to visualize.

Elf/Elven (Pixies Fairies as well) have pointed ears that range from merely pointed versions of human ears to slightly more elongated ears that sweep toward the back of the head.

Felines also have pointed ears, pronounced and high on the head, facing forward.

Vulcans have pointed humanoid ears.

Sounds like you’re after something elven, only more distinctive.

“With narrowing high arching ears that rose to sharp points towards the crown of his/her head”

Something like that should cover it.


I rushed reply. Sharp ears?