How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


Hello everyone!

So with the help of @JuniperWinter, we’ve come up with a hashtag to use to find strictly undiscovered authors or works with less than 1000 reads.

Please only use this tag on your book if you are under 1k reads. The reason we came up with it is so that we would have a way of finding active, undiscovered authors/works easily, rather than having to sift through various forums to try and find them.

We checked and currently no one is using this tag, so we shouldn’t run into a lot of works that don’t fall under these qualifications.

Something to keep in mind: It may take a while before the tag takes effect, so don’t worry if your book doesn’t show up right away in the search. Give it a day or so and try again :grin:

So if you qualify, please tag your story with #2018Undiscovered1K

This is also experimental, so I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but if it does then we’ll have a much easier way to find undiscovered works on Wattpad :grinning:

Update: The tag is LIVE!!! Feel free to use it to find new, undiscovered works!!!

Turn ranking into readership?

This is a great idea! I was actually trying to search for undiscovered works today and this tag would help me a lot.


Thank you! We were discussing in another forum how difficult it is to find new, active users, which is why we came up with the idea. It’s not registering just yet, but I believe once we have enough stories using the tag they should start popping up in the search.


I can’t see the tag. So if it doesn’t work should I do it again tomorrow?


This is a great idea! I just went and tagged both of my works!


It’s going to take some time for it to get integrated into the Wattpad algorithm, so chances are it won’t show up right away after you tag it. I would try searching the tag again tomorrow and see if it syncs up, but as long as it’s included in your tags for your book you should be good to go.


All seven of my books are under 1000 reads. I’ll give it a go.


Awesome! What’s the tag?


It’s #2018Undiscovered1K! You can use it if your story has under 1K reads :slight_smile: It’s a way for underdog writers to promote themselves and support their fellow undiscovered writers!


This is such a great idea! Tagging right now :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome thank you so much!


Awesome idea ladies!


Hey there! I’m running a reader’s group on the threads centered around stories under 1k reads.

Would you be interested in the link? :lumi:


Are there any stories under this tag yet? I put one of my stories under the tag, but I can’t find any others.


Thank you :smiley:




Great idea! Tagged!


Thanks! Great idea bc it really is difficult to get readers, tagged


Tagged all my stories as none are above 700 xP

What’ll we do when 2019 comes around?


Here’s the link:

I hope you’ll be able to join us. :lumi: