How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


Both work! So long as they’re under 500 reads


Aww, mine just crossed 500 last night, while I was sleeping


Maybe I should make one for under 5k, as it looks like my story is heading to 1k fairly quickly. I’ve never gotten above 1.1k, so I can hide under a 5k tag for a long time


Does this tag still work now that’s it’s 2019?


It does still work, but a lot of us have switched to the new tag


Go for it! I’m just making seasonal tags now of varying lengths to see what works.


The tag you switched to is 500, though, not 1000, right?


Yup for this round it is. Might change again if we keep doing it. Just getting a feel for what works best for people


I crossed 500 too quickly to join, that’s why it’s out of the question




Does is still work in 2019? If not, what’s the new tag?


The tag still works but a bunch of us are doing 2019winterchallenge500 for books under 500 reads. The forum for it is in the Cafe (don’t have the link on me, on break at work)




Great idea, @OkMeghan !!

Tagged my work!


Hi there :smile:

If we have more than 500 reads and still want to grow can we use a diffrent tag ?



there is a forum that also came up with tags for discovering unique and undiscovered books :slight_smile:

Maybe you can add this link to your main post? I’m not the poster, so I can’t edit the first post to return the favor :sweat_smile:

Best Regards :heart:


Sure! I don’t own the tag system, I just came up with the idea to use it to help one another out. So absolutely, I know some people already started using 2019undiscovered1k so maybe we can make that an official thing?


Is it still active? I saw the first post was back in September but didn’t get a chance to scroll through.


Most replies now came from authors I PMed about that thread and #openff tag to check it, but it’s true the founder of the thread hasn’t been active there for some time. Yeah, you can say it’s not exactly active, but I think the first post is something people can check :wink:


@OkMeghan. how about for 2019?