How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


Yup #2019undiscovered1k is the overall 2019 tag :slight_smile:


If I’ve got a story I tagged last year that’s still going (and still under 1k), should I replace the 2018 tag with the 2019 one? Or add both? Or should it stay under the year it was started in?


You can use both, I know a few people that are


This is such a good idea. I’ve added two of these tags to my story. Hoping it helps :pray:


Thanks, will do :slight_smile: Just checked and they’re in the 900s now, so not sure how long it’ll be until these stories don’t count as undiscovered. Guess that’s a positive thing.




Hi, this is a great idea that I’ll totally be using for my new work :smile:


This is amazing! I’m using this tag right now! Thanks so much for doing this!


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How about also making one for the books under 10k reads ?


Just added the tag! Thank you! My first completed book in here is called Storm Rider (Parts I and II) and was a success in Chapters, as a Taptale. I hope you like it. XOXO Dani


Anyone can make the tag if they’d like, I don’t own any of these. This was just a way to get unknown authors more reads so their books start showing up more. Books under 10k already do, but books under 1k are often overlooked in favor of those with more reads.


Considering the tag says 2018, safe to say it doesn’t apply anymore?


Thanks for the tag suggestion, I’ve just added it to my recently uploaded epic fantasy novel. Should help it get found a little easier! :slight_smile:


Hello. I added this tag, too. Did anyone see any effect upon using this tag?


I would guess that it wouldn’t make a big impact right away. Not sure how many people on Wattpad would know about the tag and search for it, a lot of readers are casual and dip in and out, but just having the tag wouldn’t hurt, as they could see it on someone else’s book and find your one with it. You never know!


I see. I hope it helps for everyone here including myself.


Aww I love this idea! We’re all just trying to help each other out and honestly that’s awesome. In the spirit of that follow me and I’ll follow and read your stuff!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yup! We’re on #2019undiscovered1k now :slight_smile: not sure how many of us are active but I’m at least getting a couple reads each week so I’m happy.



This is such a good idea. I’ll have to tage my story and check out the others. Thanks!