How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


I just added the tag to my debut novel. Really hoping this helps me and everyone get some recognition and reach more readers!!


This is a really cool idea!


I’m one of them.


What an amazing idea!! I love this so much.
Nothing better than writers helpin’ out other writers!


Guys, if enough of us use the #2019Undiscovered1k, it can go live. So make sure you change your hashtags!


just used the hashtag #2019Undiscovered1k for m newly posted teen fiction novelette today! hoping to have some reads from it. this is an amazing idea!


This is a great idea for us new writers, thank you for introducing this!


Please read the tale of a thousand lies. it has 5 parts and its my first work. hope you guys like it! :slight_smile:


So we involve the hashtag (#) in the tag


Great idea! I just added #2019Undiscovered1k to Frozen Flame and am hoping to get a few more reads! :blush: So excited!


Well, perhaps, let the people share the links here or something?


Please note that those who can use this tag is for people BELOW 1k reads. If you’re book is more than 1k, please take off the tag and give chances to the people who need it more.

You can start your own tags with 2019Undiscovered5k. This is for those who are wanting to still promote their stories with more than 1k reads.


This a great idea! Thank you for providing opportunities to new stories and writers!! :heart::heart::heart:
Might as well try it for my new story :grin:


Yup, I think it adds it automatically though even if you don’t


Unfortunately we would have to start a new thread for that since they don’t let us share links in this one. It’s only under the Share Your Story grouping that you can share links I believe.


I see


I just stumbled across this thread, and I think this is great. I wanted to try but I am not sure if I can participate.
I have an ongoing story posted here which might fit the mark, but there is also a version of the story not written in English and that one exceeded the thousand read limit.


HI! im relatively new to the community thing, but please read and like my work the tale of a thousand lies by daimon akatsuki! thanks!


Sure :slight_smile:


This is a brilliant idea for newbie writers like me on this site. You guys who deal with these kind of threads are awesome… thanks :slight_smile: