How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works

I think this thread is brilliant and I’m sure it will help me and other writers in this situation. Thanks guys keep posting.

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As long as the version you use the tag for is under 1k I’d say go for it :smiley:

Thanks for this

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Oh wow, I just today created my wattpad profile to share my work and I have to say this place is a bit overwhelming for a beginner haha!

I’m so happy I came across this thread, this is a lovely idea and warming my newbie heart! I have spend the whole day trying to figure out how everything works here and how to connect with readers and get my story out there. I have a long way to go but I feel like this is a good place to start!

I’ve added the tag #2019Undiscovered1k to my first story Lightkeeper and hopefully someone will find their way there and maybe enjoy the read! I’m assuming we should be using the 2019 tag now? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the brilliant thread, I was looking for something exactly like this to ease myself into the world of wattpad! Thank you!


I just started checking out the threads and I’m pretty sure I’m lost and confused most of the time for the moment.


100% in agreement.

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It’s a crazy place when you start out. I started with threads that didn’t have a lot of replies so I could try and keep up better :slight_smile:

Yip, the topic of conversation changes so quickly and that’s if you know what it is in the first place with crowded threads.

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Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but when I try to add the tag, it deletes all my other tags…

Yup, doing it wrong. Read the descriptions/ instructions carefully.

This is a really wonderful idea!

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Should we use #2019Undiscovered1K now or just continue with the original tag?

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I want to know too. Do we change it to 2019 or what? :slight_smile:

yup, we changed over to 2019, but you can use both if you want :slight_smile:

We changed over, but you can continue to use both if you want

Okay, thanks!

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In the fall of 2015, I was given the devastating news that I had cancer. But not just cancer, I had one of the worst forms - renal transitional cell carcinoma - a very aggressive cancer. Worse, I was Stage IV and may not live to see that Christmas. Untreated, I most certainly would not have.
Facing death naturally causes one to reflect on life. Not just yours, but life in general. You think about the impending death, and what it means not just to you, but to your family. And you start thinking about what happens after that event.
Mortal Musings is basically a stream-of-conscious narrative written real-time as I was dealing with impending death. I talk about my battles - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I discuss the impact of the disease, not only on myself, but on my family and how it affects us in so many ways, including financial, social, etc. I wonder about God and what faces me, if anything, after death. I review my life and its endless cycles of triumph and despair. I provide vivid descriptions of what I was going through – what the cancer was doing, what I was feeling, and how I was being treated. You will learn how I battled the disease with humor, stubbornness, faith, and love of my wife, family and friends.
I face my mortality with the faith of knowing there is a plan. I reflect on how God has touched me so many times in my life, both good and bad… and his often dark sense of humor. I philosophize on the meaning of life, both mine and humanity at large.
You will laugh and cry as the book tugs at your emotions and challenges your beliefs. It will also renew, restore or replenish your faith and give you strength to face your own battles.

The Zanchee, who have been studying Earth, learn that a terrorist is going to set off a nuclear bomb near LA that would likely trigger unintended events leading to the potential extinction of human life. Yet their laws prohibit them from interfering. Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader is unwilling to accept the inevitability of this disaster. He discovers that the Zanchee law has a blind spot. It only applies to adults. As he has yet to undergo the rites of adulthood, he decides to exploit this loophole. With his mentiot companion, Chermal, Axel hatches a plan to skirt Zanchee law and save humanity. He just needs to mimic his future self, steal the fleet’s time-warp ship, recruit a human teenager with psychic potential, and stop a terrorist plot without knowing who is involved, and do it all in three days without being caught by human authorities or Zanchee.

Agent Doug Stanton of the FBI is pursuing known terrorist Abdul Raheem when he discovers Raheem is meeting with a leading member of a Mexican drug cartel and a top Russian mobster. The one thing all three have in common is a deep hatred for the United States.

Jeff Miller was an American teen in Dallas, with facing normal teen issues when he learns his younger sister has started experimenting with drugs. In attempt to stop her, he makes an enemy of the local drug thug. He is being attacked by the dealer and his humongous bodyguard, when a flying saucer suddenly appears. Jeff takes advantage of the distraction to make his escape.
Jeff’s best friend Greg, along with his girlfriend Tess and Greg’s girlfriend hatch a plan to help Jeff escape the drug dealer’s wrath. But their plan goes very wrong and they end up being taken hostage.

Teens, both alien and human, must work together to save humanity. But it means growing up in a hurry. Prime Directive: Earth is an action-packed SF adventure full of twists and turns and humor. The book will be loved by Science Fiction fans of all ages.

I did it! Thank you so much for this wonderful Idea <3


Thank you so much for the idea. I just added the tag. I uploaded my first story ‘I choose you’ yesterday and it only have 10 reads. I hope the number will keep growing.