How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


This is a cool tag. I put it into my story. I would like to see more people find it.


The tag is working! Im so happy. 2 of my stories are now ranked in this tag and it makes me so happy. This was such a great idea!


All the more reason for it! We can create different versions for different scopes if need be :slight_smile:


I feel that. Use the tag 2018undiscovered1k on your book, that’s what we are trying to integrate to find undiscovered author/books like yours. Before this, we didn’t really have a way to search for them, but hopefully this will help :slight_smile:


Good luck with your stories, guys :slight_smile: I know it is a challenge getting your books noticed. I’ll try to stop by and check them all out.


This is actually a really dope idea. We just started officially uploading our stories some weeks ago and we have been searching all over for a real good way to advertise on here besides the share your story threads. We really hope this works for us and everyone else trying it out.


Thanks a lot for the assist!


Cool. Thanks. I have a lot of stories like these. Cheers :smile:


I think all my books made the list!


Thank you so much! It really means a lot since my story has been doing nothing, sitting collecting dust. Time to tag it and hope for the best


And tagged. So exciting, hope it works. :grin:


This is such a great idea!! I’m brand new here, so I’m looking for chapter swaps =) I’ll look into your chapters and help you out with my reads and comments :heart:

Best of luck to everyone!!


Congratulations for it finally working. I found my book it made 21 Rated on the list. Thanks for creating a tag like this for undiscovered books.


I already tagged my recent work! Thank you so much ladies for the help <3


Oh my god, yes! This is such a great idea. I love it!


Yay, it’s working!


This chat is amazing! I came here only yesterday afternoon, and my story now has six votes and eighty-four reads!


Thanks for this.
I have four works over 1K (highest is 4.3 K), but all the other short stories are under that.

Added the tag & will hope for some new reads.:man_artist:


Can I ask, how a newbie reader would know where to look for this tag? Will it be on the menu like all the other main categories? Or is this tag something that is known word of mouth? Just curious to the ways it’s being promoted. Sorry if this has been asked before.


Quick question: I have a work (first book in a trilogy in progress) that has several months ago reached 1k, and is now at 1.2k. But it took me 3 years since publishing the first chapter to get there. Can it still qualify for the tag? Is it borderline? Or not at all?